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    DIGGS Favorite Restaurants

    DIGGS Favorite Restaurants

    DIGGS Favorite Restaurants

    We love food. We love making, eating and talking about food.

    That’s why you need to pay attention to our favorite eats list. We won’t steer you wrong. Pinky swear. You can filter by location to narrow down your delectable choices.

    February 23, 2017

    Inclusion By Food

    Blog,Explore,Shop and Eat

    One of the ways that we practice inclusion, often without even thinking about it, is through food. Living in Southern California, one of the major perks of our multicultural society is the food. Walk down any commercial street in your ne...

    December 21, 2016


    Blog,Explore,Shop and Eat

    Oh my gosh, want to shop local for Christmas but think you don’t have the time this late in the game? (ponchos!) Diggs did all the hard work for you. (fancy candles!) I’m not even kidding, this is your VIRTUAL SHOPPING TOUR! (Star Wars T...

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