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    The best places to watch the 2018 World Series near Glendale, CA

    The best places to watch the 2018 World Series near Glendale, CA

    If you weren’t lucky enough to score some tickets, we have the best places to watch the 2018 World Series near Glendale, CA. Seriously, tickets for Friday’s game at Dodger Stadium start at over $600 and that doesn’t include parking, or a Cheeto-lote. You might miss the crowd, and the way the sky over the outfield looks as the sun is setting and the lights come on, and the smell of Dodger dogs wafting through the air. You probably won’t miss waiting a lifetime to get out of the parking lot at the end of the game.

    Tavern on Brand

    Classic bar food and drinks next to the Alex Theater. We love the old school feel of the place, and the happy hour deals are pretty good and last from noon to 7pm. Check out their menu here.


    The Dodgers are the underdogs for the 2018 World Series and this bar may be the perfect place to watch every game. With a giant projector screen and TVs all around, you can watch from wherever you sit. Little twists on classic cocktails, over 20 beers on tap that you can get by the pint, pitcher or boot, and crave-able bar food favorites on the menu make this a great spot to watch the game.

    Verdugo Bar

    With 22 taps, craft cocktails (you have to try the Verdugo Fresca) and food trucks on rotation there is something for everyone at this cooler than your average sports bar. We love the vintage vibe, the building has been there since the 1930s and the beer garden is a great place to spend these not so hot autumn afternoons.

    33 Taps

    It’s in Silverlake, so you should expect creative bar food options like poutine tater tots and buffalo cauliflower (so freaking good!) and a menu that will satisfy every picky eater you can imagine. Like the name implies, there are lots of beer on tap. This is the hipster version of a sports bar and we are here for it! There is a reason avocado toast is taking over the world, and we have no time for haters, we are too busy eating delicious food and washing it down with cold beers.

    Basin 141

    Churro waffles. If that isn’t enough of a reason to check this place out there are 22 mostly local craft beers on tap, delicious burgers and tons of free parking behind the restaurant. You might catch us walking from our office around the corner to stop in for a beer or two. And some fries. Okay and maybe an order of short rib tacos. Can you tell we like to eat?

    The Crows Nest

    If you want to sit down next to a friendly stranger and talk baseball, this is your place. Full of local die hard sports fans, this place is the perfect example of a classic sports bar. You will not find a kale salad on the menu. Go for the nacho fries and double trouble hot wings and thank us later. This place has a huge selection of beers with 48! on tap. If you watch the Dodgers dominate the 2018 World Series (thinking positive) at the Crows Nest, be prepared to either talk like a guy that keeps score while he watches the game or learn how to. If you see Eddie A. tell him we said hello.

    There is something magical about the way sports can bring strangers together for a common cause. It’s easy to make a connection with the stranger at the bar next to you over stories of victory and heartache (last year’s game 7 is a wound that still hasn’t healed for most of us) of our favorite teams. There is no guarantee that the Dodgers will win the 2018 World Series, but we are hoping that in the year of the improbable, the impossible could happen once again.

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