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    Hard To Find Items Near Me in La Canada

    Hard To Find Items Near Me in La Canada

    Have you asked Google, “Find masks near me”

    It seems obvious why masks near me are difficult to find, but the scarcity of yeast was surprising! But baking is the perfect way to make the home feel more… homey, right?

    And, as you hunt for hand sanitizer or masks, you encounter long lines or uncomfortably close quarters with other shoppers.

    Masks Near Me (and yeast, too!)

    I had a bright idea and walked over to Ralph’s at 6:30 this morning to avoid crowds and get my yeast.

    Not so bright, as it turns out. There was no yeast and uncomfortably crowded!

    On my way home I walked by The Dairy.

    On a whim I decided to see if they had yeast, but I assumed they wouldn’t. They are a convenience store, right?

    The Dairy is Near Me and They Have Masks, Sanitizer, Flour and Yeast

    The Dairy LA

    Kyle Bilowitz, Co-Owner at The Dairy holding my coveted yeast

    The Dairy is an old fashioned drive through that used to be the Altadena Dairy, back in the day. Today it enjoys new relevance as the perfect way to get life’s necessities without leaving the safety of your car.

    Co-Owners and La Canada natives Kyle Bilowitz and Travis Emi have the items other stores can’t seem to keep in stock. I found three types of masks, hand sanitizer, flour and yeast, plus a host of other really interesting products.

    And the prices are very reasonable. My one-pound bag of yeast cost $7.99, but I would have to spend $21.00 on Amazon and wait two weeks for delivery. Disposable masks are $1.99 and Lavendar scented hand sanitizer is $4.99.

    Follow them on Instagram to see what’s available.

    Forget Amazon – Buy Products Near You

    Shop Local and shop The Dairy before you order it on Amazon.

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