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    Altadena is the new hot place to live if you want a bit of breathing room. The lots are bigger, the avenues are wider and the mountains are magnificent and just begging for you to come for a hike. Some of the most interesting architecture happens here, from iconic Janes Village through the Mid Century Park Planned Homes to the gracious and lovely Altadena Country Club... Altadena is the secret neighborhood everyone wants.

    Recent Listings In Altadena

    If there were ever a hippy commune in the Foothills it would be in Altadena. This is a place where Urban Farming is possible, people hold Kombucha making classes in their homes and a world-class chef serves gourmet Prix fix meals in the back of a gelato shop. Oh- and the Country Club hosts a competitive dodgeball team. This is a place that likes to mess with your stereotypes.

    The west side of Altadena is closer to the Rosebowl and JPL. In general, there are more affordable neighborhoods on this side. Many people desire a home “east” of Lake Ave, but those lines are dissolving because there are so few homes on the market at all. The east side of town holds the Altadena Country Club and many gracious estates.

    Top Reasons We Love Altadena

    Breathing Space and Elbow Room

    We love the larger lots and spacious layout of Altadena. Urban farmers, creatives, and nature lovers gravitate toward these havens of tranquility and fresh, healthy air.

    Architectural Homes

    Altadena was a favored getaway destination for affluent Angelenos in the 1930’s. The McNally Mansion, Zane Gray Estate, or the famed Balian Mansion are all just a taste of the architectural graciousness found in Altadena.

    Altadena Town and Country Club

    Now, you would never mistake us for members of the Duck and Plaid set – but we LOVE the Altadena Town and Country Club. Totally reasonable dues, a decent restaurant, and the aforementioned dodgeball team. Check them out!

    Best Hiking Trails

    We love hiking in the Altadena foothills. Our top fave hike is Mt Lowe and Echo Mountain. The trailhead is at the top of Lake Ave. Other great hikes are Henninger Flats and Eaton Canyon.


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