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    Spotlight on Local Business- Gio’s Baguettes and More, Montrose

    Spotlight on Local Business- Gio’s Baguettes and More, Montrose

    Montrose Businesses

    Gio’s is a popular and adorable sidewalk bakery and cafe in Montrose Shopping Village. We are slightly obsessed with her Nutella Muffins and homemade soups. But that’s just us. Here is another personal profile of a Glendale Business!

    What is your name, your business and where are you located?
    Az, Gios Baguettes and More, On Ocean View Blvd. between Froyo and Harvest Juice Company

    Tell me about how you started.
    From when I was a kid I always had the passion to have a little cafe and bakery. I took two years to get money, experience and research. I went to different areas to see what my pricing should be and to put my menu together. I would make samples and have family friends come over and get their opinions on this sandwich or that salad. Then we started looking for locations. Montrose was oner of the areas we came to. It was so homey and people seemed to like things that were fresh and intimate setting. It took us over 6 months t put everything together. We wanted a French feel, so my Dad travelled to Paris and we decided to import our baguettes and croissants.

    Why does your business exist?
    I feel like breads and croissants are imported from France. The flour they use is different over there- there is a richer taste that you can’t get over here- especially locally. Our ingredients are unique- for example we use a French butter that gives and extra kick and our soups are homemade. We give such quality and people enjoy hanging out in my cafe.

    Describe your fan.
    I feel like our business is for all types of people. Different times of the days bring different people. However, I did set out to attract a younger audience. High School students will come to eat my food instead of going to, say, Subway, and that shows me I am doing something right. But I love all types, but the younger generation is somehow different. One of the things I really love is that we are starting to get people from out of the area who hear about us from friends and they drive from places like Pasadena, Burbank. even Northridge to come get our goodies.  That makes me feel really good- it is kinda cool!

    What is one thing about you that no one really knows about?
    I was into the medical field for a while. I was going to enter dental hygiene school just before the store happened. I could have spent my life cleaning teeth instead of spreading happiness with my Nutella Muffins.

    What is the funniest/craziest thing that ever happened in your business?
    Gabrielle. (Geoff and Athalia Talbot’s precocious toddler). He’s so funny…he likes to go behind the counter and push the buttons on the coffee machine or hand a straw to the customers. Or sometimes he likes to wipe down tables. People are just looking at this little kid, so serious!! He is so hilarious. I have to say the best part of my business are my customers. I just love them.

    Thanks Az! It’s always fun talking with you.

    P.S. This article was originally published in GlendaleAndBeyond.com last year. Az is currently in Paris, with her Dad, scouting new recipes and supplies to makeGioseven more delicious and authentic. Go Az- we love you!!!

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