Oakmont Woods Home

Oakmont Woods, Glendale

OAKMONT WOODS LOCATION Oakmont Woods is on the other side of La Crescenta Ave. from Montrose Shopping Village and the La Crescenta Nursery. The entrance is from Shirley Jean St.(many people refer to this area as Shirley Jean). WHAT PEOPLE LOVE This little neighborhood is one of Glendale’s hidden gems. […] Read more »

Sparr Heights

Sparr Heights, Glendale

SPARR HEIGHTS LOCATION Sparr Heights is the cute neighborhood directly south of the Montrose Shopping Village. In fact, many people refer to this neighborhood as Montrose, but it is located in the city of Glendale WHAT PEOPLE LOVE This is probably one of the most beloved neighborhoods in all of […] Read more »


Oakmont Country Club, Glendale

OAKMONT COUNTRY CLUB LOCATION Oakmont is the area right around Oakmont Country Club and also the Oakmont 5 development in the hills above the country club. It is bordered by La Crescenta Ave. on the east, Country Club Dr. to the South and end at the North where Country Club […] Read more »

Montecito Park

Montecito Park, Glendale

MONTECITO LOCATION Montecito Park is located between Verdugo Blvd. and the 2 freeway. Honolulu borders the north and Glorietta Park is just over it’s southern border. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE I used to joke that if you chuck a stone in any direction you’ll hit a Realtor’s home. That is because […] Read more »

Rancho San Rafael View Home

Rancho San Rafael, Glendale

RANCHO SAN RAFAEL LOCATION Rancho San Rafael is located along Camino San Rafael. You can see the development on the east side of the 2 freeway as you hit the Mountain Ave. exit. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Ranch San Rafael is a rare planned community in Glendale. It was built in […] Read more »

Emerald Isle Two Story Home

Emerald Isle, Glendale

EMERALD ISLE LOCATION Emerald Isle is located between Camino San Rafael to the west and Chevy Chase on the East. La Cañada is to the North. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE When Emerald Isle was developed in the late 1960’s it was considered THE destination neighborhood for the up and coming professionals […] Read more »

Glenmore Canyon Home

Glenmore Canyon, Glendale

LOCATION Glenmore Canyon is located along Glenmore Blvd. off Chevy Chase Dr. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE This little box canyon feels intimate and hidden. In fact, few people know it exists! The homes in Glenmore Canyon are eclectic with everything from sweet Spanish Bungalows to mid century ranch style homes. There […] Read more »

College Hill, Glendale

LOCATION College Hill is located above Glendale Community College. Chevy Chase borders the south, the 134 on the West, Glendale Ave/ Verdugo Rd. on the North and Glenoaks Blvd. is mostly on the East. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE Some of the best late Mid Century and Sixties Modern homes in Glendale […] Read more »

Greenbriar Home in Glendale

Greenbrier, Glendale

LOCATION Greenbrier is located on either side of Greenbrier Rd. and the more contemporary homes on either side of Royal Canyon. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE People love Greenbrier and the Old Phillips area because the homes are more contemporary with open floor plans and large master suites. The homes along Greenbrier […] Read more »

Royal Canyon Spanish Style Home

Royal Canyon, Glendale

LOCATION Royal Canyon is located on either side of Royal Blvd on the eastern edge of the Rossmoyne. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE People love Royal Canyon because of the large number of gracious historic homes.  It includes the Royal Blvd. Historic District, home to some of Glendale’s most gracious historic estates. […] Read more »

Brockmont, Glendale

LOCATION Brockmont is located in the hilly area above Mountain Ave loosely between Highland Ave and Jackson St. WHAT PEOPLE LOVE There are two parts to Brockmont – the lower part, closer to Mountain, has a peaceful, almost rural feel. The upper part is more contemporary and the panoramic city […] Read more »

Glenoaks Canyon Homes

Glenoaks Canyon, Glendale

“Glenoaks Canyon is an idyllic canyon neighborhood with a terrifc community vibe. This is the place where an after-dinner stroll is part of daily life. If that sounds like your kind of heaven give us a call. We know how to get you the perfect Glenoaks Canyon home.” Where is […] Read more »