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    Pasadena’s Farmer Market

    The Pasadena Farmer's Market is one of the best Certified Markets in the area. Look for the Kambucha vendor, fresh tamales and plant vendors. At, least those are my current obsessions. Check out their website! https://www.pasadenafarmersmark...

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    The Dairy

    Hard To Find Items Near Me in La Canada

    Have you asked Google, "Find masks near me" It seems obvious why masks near me are difficult to find, but the scarcity of yeast was surprising! But baking is the perfect way to make the home feel more... homey, right? And, as you hunt for h...

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    Discover Montrose Shopping Park

    Montrose Shopping Park The emotional center of Montrose CA is the Montrose Shopping Park.  This is small town living at its absolute finest!  The village has everything you need: banking, groceries, boutiques, great eats and lots of hair, na...

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    Montrose Town Kitchen and Grill

    Montrose Town Kitchen and Grill – Jim Collins

    What is your name, your business and where are you located? Jim Collins.  Montrose Town Kitchen and Grill.  We are close to the corner go Honolulu and Oceanview, 2 doors down from Starbucks Tell me about how you started. Something my w...

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    Amazing pan work at Left Handed Cook in La Crescenta

    DIGGS Favorite Restaurants

    DIGGS Favorite Restaurants We love food. We love making, eating and talking about food. That's why you need to pay attention to our favorite eats list. We won't steer you wrong. Pinky swear. You can filter by location to narrow down your de...

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    Mother's Day Events in Glendale Ca

    Mother’s Day Guide, Glendale And Beyond

    Mother's Day Brunch in Glendale and Beyond (we update this post every year. check back in late April for this year's update!) Mother's Day is a celebration of great food and gorgeous spring delights enjoyed by mother's and adoring families....

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    Our Favorite Glendale Things

    I recently asked some of my Glendale Locals for their favorite thing (person, place, event, etc) in Glendale and the Foothills. I loved the answers- many are gems I had forgotten about, some were completely brand new and I can't wait to try th...

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    Shop local to make last minute gift giving easy

    Last minute holiday shopping can feel like a full contact sport. Between the 30 minute cruise just to find a parking spot, the half empty shelves missing exactly what you needed, and the line just to buy the stuff you settled on, last minute sh...

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    Target is Coming to La Canada

    The La Canada Valley Sun reported that Target is moving into the old Sport Chalet space in the Town Center and the interwebs is blowing up. A community-sized Target store will occupy the retail space in La Cañada’s Town Center left vac...

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    Thee Elbow Room

    Whether you enjoy craft beer or not, one of our favorite local spots is Thee Elbow Room in Montrose. They have a fantastic outdoor patio right blow Honolulu Ave. in Montrose. They feature good eats as well as 18 taps with all day Happy Hour. I...

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