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    Inclusion By Food

    Inclusion By Food

    One of the ways that we practice inclusion, often without even thinking about it, is through food. Living in Southern California, one of the major perks of our multicultural society is the food. Walk down any commercial street in your neighborhood and I can guarantee you’ll find a minimum of 5 different cultures represented. For anybody living outside of Southern California, this might feel like an absolute luxury.

    What we don’t often take into account when we are enjoying our salmon skin tacos, is that if we didn’t live in such a multicultural community that we would be living on a steady diet of pot roast and corn dogs. So what does food have to teach us? That every culture is rich and varied, that acceptance, inclusion, and enjoyment are delicious!

    What are some of your local faves for ethnic cuisine? Here are a few of ours!

    1) EPIC TACO – Montrose

    2) CORSICA’S DELI – Sunland

    3) PORTO’S BAKERY – Downtown Glendale

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