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    Tidying Up with Vivien Lee-Mayhue

    Tidying Up with Vivien Lee-Mayhue

    Tidying Up your Glendale CA home this spring?  Vivien Lee-Mayhue, founder of Tidying Up Los Angeles is a KonMari certified professional organizer that specializes in the organizing method created by Marie Kondo. If you have seen the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, or read the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up you are familiar with the KonMari method.


    Vivan Mayhue

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    DIGGS Market Moment

    La Crescenta Valley Garage Sale

    Deadline to sign up has passed, but you can still participate! We can’t get you onto the map, but let us know and we’ll get a sign pointing in your sale’s direction! Fill out this Garage Sale Sign Up Form before March 28th, 2019.

    Market is Shifting

    2019 had a rocky start. Inventory shot up by 20%, but the number of sales stayed steady. This meant that our Months Supply of Inventory (MSI) was 3.4 months supply. For most of the last two years we have been well under 2 months supply!

    To put all of that in some perspective, a normal or balanced MSI is 6 months worth of inventory. More than 6 months is considered a buyer’s market with more than enough homes to supply demand. Under 6 months is considered a seller’s market with not enough homes to supply demand.

    List Price to Sales Price Ratio is Changing

    There is also a growing gap between the seller’s list price and final sales price. For the last two years or so we saw list price to sales price ratio hover around 100% as an average. This means sellers mostly sold at their asking price. That ratio has declined to 94% for Glendale Ca home sales! This means that home seller’s with ambitious asking prices are not successful. The buyers are willing to wait for a better priced home to come on the market.

    Side Note: the DIGGS list price to sales price ratio is currently 104%

    Things improved in February – MSI came back to 1.7 months. The wise seller is going to make sure their home is the best value on the market in order to attract offers from qualified buyers on the market. Oh, and the wise seller will work with a top Glendale Ca broker.

    Tidy Transforms Your Life

    If you do the #KonMari method you don’t ever have to tidy up again. When complete, it is easy to maintain!

    Tidy UP by category, not by room

    The KonMari method has you tidying up by category, instead of room by room. This enables you to get a clear picture of the items that you own, and the redundancies. You will probably be shocked at the number of pens in your house.

    Tidy Up By Elimination

    It’s just like shopping for a home! Consider ALL the items and consider only the ones that spark joy, the ones you love. Eliminate everything else!

    Start Here: What does your ideal life look like?

    Vivien begins her consultation by asking you how you want to live in your space. Visualize how you want to wake up, what do you see? How do you begin getting ready for the day?

    Your Clothes

    The first action is to gather all your clothes from every corner of your home and pile them all on the bed. This is a shocking and useful first step.

    Spark Joy

    Clothes are the easiest way to start understanding sparking joy. Pick up something you know you love- the item that makes you feel powerful/happy/sexy and note how you feel while you touch it. Then, pick up an item that makes you feel fat/unattractive/uncomfortable and note how you feel.

    Put Them Away

    There is a specific way of folding all your clothes. Fold them into a nice rectangle and store them vertically as if they were files in a filing cabinet.

    No new storage systems to buy!!

    Use small boxes – like Apple Phone boxes and medium boxes like shoe boxes to store your items within drawers or shelves.

    Final Tips

    Don’t be afraid!! Vivien can make this very doable.

    Vivien Lee-Mayhue


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