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    Best Places to Donate Used Items in Glendale, CA that aren’t Goodwill

    Best Places to Donate Used Items in Glendale, CA that aren’t Goodwill

    You know the Goodwill is a “For Profit” business, right? So, what are the best places to donate used items in Glendale CA?

    Perhaps you just read our Ultimate Guide to Downsize Your Home, or you are mad for Marie Kondo’s Magic of Tidying book. You probably have piles of stuff that you want out of your home, STAT.

    You don’t want to give it to Goodwill, because they aren’t really a charitable organization. You want your stuff to serve a better purpose. We have gathered our 5 favorite charitable organizations that can donate used items and give away old clothes.

    YWCA Glendale

    The YWCA Glendale helps women and children in Glendale CA. They provide resources and support to survivors of domestic violence and their children and through their education and prevention efforts, they empower women, girls and families to build healthy relationships, achieve self-sufficiency, and live free from violence. They accept donations of the following

    • DVD movies: Incredibles 2, Monsters Inc, Hotel Transylvania, any G rated kids movies
    • Kids music instrument set.
    • Kinetic sand
    • Unused toiletries
    • Umbrellas
    • Unused makeup
    • Fridge magnetics- letters, numbers, animals
    • Magnetic drawing board for kids
    • Infant floor seat

    In order to donate desired items to the YWCA of Glendale, please reach out to them at volunteer(at)glendaleywca(dotted)org to make the necessary arrangements.

    Assistance League of Glendale

    The Assistance League of Glendale CA makes it easy to donate your used items at their Thrift Alley shop. The organization supports the children and elderly in our community with dignity and care. Please call 818.246.2294 before bringing in donations. Do not leave donations in front of the building when the shop is closed. Donations are tax deductible as provided by law.

    The Assistance League of Glendale accepts donations of household goods, clothing and collects computers for recycling.

    Society of St Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles

    The Society of St Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles will pick up donations of used items from your house, as long as everything is ready to go and on the ground level. They will even collect food donations. Household goods can be in good working order, or not work at all. Many of their items are purchased by set designers that need a period-specific prop that doesn’t necessarily need to be functioning. Click here to see the items they accept for donations and to make arrangements for a pick up.

    Habitat For Humanity ReStore

    Remodeling? Don’t toss your old cabinets, counters, light fixtures etc into a dumpster. Donate them to the Habitat For Humanity Restore. DIGGS went to the store in Atwater Village and found lots of cool treasures, including an O’Keefe and Merritt stove. Maybe you no longer want the pink sink from your 50’s bathroom, but somebody else could be searching for one. If you are not familiar of the good works that Habitat For Humanity does in the Glendale, CA area, and nationwide, read this article right now. To make a donation of used items in the greater Glendale, CA are follow their donation instructions.

    FIDM Scholarship Store

    Looking for a place to donate your used clothes in Glendale, CA? The FIDM Scholarship Store accepts donations of clothing, jewelry, fabric and mannequins and other items at their downtown Los Angeles store. Don’t want to trek to DTLA to drop off your stuff? Arrange a pickup of your items with the organization. Be warned: if you do head to the FIDM Scholarship store to drop off your used clothes it is very easy to walk out with something new (to you). The shop is known for being a great source for bargains on boutique, and high fashion clothing and accessories.

    We get that it is tempting to just shove all of your old junk into the bin and be done with it. With a little effort (sometimes just a phone call) you can keep that stuff out of the landfill and help great organizations in the Glendale, CA area. The act of donating your used items can spark joy in your life, and the lives of others. Isn’t that worth a little extra work?

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