Estate Sales – How Do They Work?

An estate salesperson helps you to empty a home of all the contents, the good, bad, valuable and everyday. The evaluate, arrange for display, advertise and run a professional garage sale. When everything is done the home is empty and the new buyers can move in.

As estate sale is a professional garage sale – they do all the sorting, pricing, marketing and selling. When everything is done they break everything down, haul away what didn’t sell and, if enough money was made, they give you a slice of the profits.

When I sold my parent’s home I found dealing with all the stuff emotionally draining.

A great estate sales person understands that you need positive, hopeful people. They have an eye toward profit, yes, but they also possess a “can do” attitude that made a hard process a little bit easier. They understand how to make stuff “go away”.

Los Angeles Magazine wrote a great piece on Cynthia Abernethy, an estate sales person I have used for years, and the whole estate sale business in Los Angeles. It is a great read.

We keep a list of our current favorites on our Home Services Page


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