Don’t work with just “any” agent.

You probably know more than a few real estate agents. Most people do. But with thousands of real estate agents out there, why do so many choose to work with a DIGGS as the best Glendale Ca agent?

Here’s what you can expect if you have a DIGGS Buyer’s Agent

1. You Won’t Miss The Perfect Home

You are a busy person, you only have time to see the right homes. If you buy with DIGGS we take the time to understand exactly what you want and need.

Rather than selecting just a few homes for you to consider, we use the process of elimination. We find ALL the homes for sale, both on and off the market, and eliminate any that don’t fit.

Here are some of the sources we use to find all the homes for sale:

  • I-Tech MLS
  • Major internet real estate portals
  • For Sale By Owners
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosure or REO homes
  • Homes about to
    • reduce in price
    • fall out of escrow
    • come back on the market
  • Homes not yet on the open market
  • Pocket Listings
  • Quiet Sales

2. You won’t buy a “lemon”

We are not afraid to explore the scary basements or explore the dark corners – we know what separates a good house from a bad one. We have access to experienced and detailed inspectors. We’ve earned our reputation as being the best Glendale Ca agent by protecting our Buyer’s interests above all else.

Take advantage of our neighborhood expertise, condo expertise, house expertise when you buy with DIGGS.

3. You’ll never unknowingly pay too much

Is this the right time to buy? What neighborhoods are hot and which ones are not? Will this home be a good investment? We know the Glendale Ca real estate market and the surrounding areas inside and out. We are not afraid to give our opinions and our truths! Buy with DIGGS and get the peace of mind that:

  • We have a proven track record and experience
  • Our Market Analysis to determine the market value
  • We are highly trained negotiators – as your dedicated buyer’s agent we never give your money away.

4. You’ll have the negotiation advantage

We study directly with Chris Voss, The FBI Negotiator. His best selling book, “Never Split The Difference” features game-changing negotiation techniques. We study and practice these negotiation techniques 3 – 5 hours per week, every week. Buy with DIGGS to make sure you get more of what you want.

5. Our obsession with details means you are protected

We admit to a slight OCD problem at DIGGS. We believe that details should never fall through a crack and surprises belong in blue Tiffany boxes. We’ll explain all the tricky legal stuff, make sure you always know what’s coming next and we’ll make sure there is extensive research done before you are completely committed.

Check out our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. We strive to answer your questions before it occurs to you to ask.

6. Finding the right home is just the start…

From the day you find your home until long after you move in. When you buy with DIGGS you get the benefit of our relationships with:

  • Mortgage professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Tax professionals
  • Movers
  • Handy People
  • Trades People

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What our Buyer Clients say

My husband and I are first time home buyers and I am so glad I reached out to Kendyl and her team at DIGGS to help us through the process. They walked us through what to expect with contracts, they sent weekly updates of what to expect while we were in escrow, and it really felt like my husband and I had a whole team of experts helping us as we went through this process. I highly recommend DIGGS.
Bonnie and Daniel James
It was a pleasure working with Jake Lindauer at DIGGS. He was professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly patient with our nearly year-long search for a home. We finally found the perfect spot.
Kyle Spitznegel
Working with Soo was a dream! She was patient and helped us fully understand the process of buying a home. She made it extremely easy to understand, introduced us to our broker and was always willing to check out homes with us on short notice. Can't speak highly enough of the level of service, friendliness and assistance that Soo provided us while buying our first home.
Mac R.
Our DIGGS agent, Soo Lee, was always responsive, patient, and positive during our nearly year-long house hunt. She responded very quickly to texts and calls and was willing to make last-second arrangements to visit properties with us. Kendyl and Soo's strong relationships within the real estate network often gave us an advantage over other buyers when making offers. We're extremely happy with the condo we settled on. With Soo's help, we saw many properties in different neighborhoods and felt confident that the condo we ended up in was a great choice for us. Thanks, Kendyl & Soo!!
Alek and Alex, Glendale
Professional, warm, knowledgeable, supportive. Carin Hoffman was the best. Kendyl DIGGS spent time with me to help me understand my escrow papers when Carin had a family crisis, and she was also very professional and knowledgeable. They are a terrific organization.
Diane A., Pasadena
I had only a few days left to identify properties for a 1031 exchange, Kendyl Young at DIGGS came thru like a champ. Simply put, she is a pro.
Ed Z., Glendale
Kendyl's team was very helpful and patient with me as I found my perfect home!
Annette R., Burbank
Carin was our buyers agent and I cannot say enough good things about her. In a seller's market, it is difficult to find an agent willing to truly represent the buyer. Carin is the exception. Not only is she knowledgable about the market and process but she is also very good at understanding the buyers wants and needs. She is very honest and not just out to get her commission. She is patient and extremely customer-focused. The DIGGS agency was a great resource as well. They have excellent vendors at their disposal for inspections:quotes. Their electronic docent service made everything quick and easy. We got our dream house, beating out many other offers and we got it at the right price! Couldn't be happier!
Amy and Ted L., Pasadena
Kendyl and company (especially Carin) were incredible to work with. This is my second time with Kendyl and her and Carin are going to sell my house for me as well. I'll never use another realtor!
Eric and Kathy H., Los Angeles
The entire team in general was great to work with - Kendyl, Carin, Melissa, Stan, Simone, and Soo. They are all very friendly and pleasant to work with. They guided us though escrow and made the process as smooth as possible. Extra special thanks to Carin for being patient with all our requests to visit homes at the very last minute, for answering all sorts of questions we had and over a long period of time. We truly appreciate her time and attention to our needs. Kendyl has also been a tremendous support with guiding us through the buying process and giving us her expert opinion when we came to a fork in the road. Overall it's been a great buying experience. Would definitely seek help from them again! Now on to selling our current home with DIGGS. Work your magic team!!! We're depending on you! 🙂
Emiliie Battig
Kendyl & Co. were sensitive to my needs and accommodated me when it became necessary to put the sale on hold until I could vacate the house. I will be forever grateful to their kindness.
Ann K., Pasadena
Soo Young made my home buying experience so easyyyyyyyyy!!! We were very impressed on how knowledgeable and kind, and supportive Soo Young was of our needs. She's flexible, and honest in providing feedback and advice which was crucial as first time home buyers. Soo knows the market, and was very responsive and full of positive energy. She really looks after you and does not rest til you find the place you want to rest in. Thank you Soo Young for all that you did for us from home searching and up through the escrow period!! :))))
Steve & Sara
Kendyl and Carin were really easy to work with! Carin represented us in purchasing our new home. She was sweet and eager to help us throughout the entire process. Thanks again to the DIGGS team.
Suzy G., Glendale
THANK YOU SOO/SIMONE/KENDYL AND TO DIGGS FOR HELPING US GET OUR FIRST NEW HOME!!!! Soo was very kind, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Not to mention very informative, and supportive of our needs. Soo is the best as they come as she really takes an invested interest in you and is honest enough to help you avoid pitfalls when looking for a home. She exudes a positive and winning attitude, and I highly, highly recommend her to all of those who are seeking an agent. I had a hectic work schedule and I bugged her a lot peppering her with lots of questions from the baby steps of how to buy a home up through the entire escrow process! Simone was also instrumental in expediting the escrow ordeal and providing us with constant status updates. She was very kind and patient with me when I needed clarification on escrow forms and housing docs. Kendyl was very responsive, and organized, helping to expedite the escrow period in a smooth, and timely manner. Again, thank you DIGGS!!!
Steve J.