What is a Home Inspection?

Your Real Estate Purchase Contract probably included an inspection contingency and you will want to a complete home inspection during that time. After all, no one likes a big unexpected repair bill right after you move in!

Before we get into what the home inspections look like, it is important to understand…

What a Home Inspection IS

A home inspection is a visual inspection by experienced professionals. Your Glendale CA home is nearly a 90 years old and generations of homeowners have left their mark. Your inspector should help you identify any major defects or safety hazards, but don’t expect the home to reflect the latest and greatest building codes.

A home inspector looks above, and below the home. They crawl around the perimeter and access every inch of the interior that is visible.

A home inspection is also an excellent introduction to this home. You’ll find out important home maintenance tips to help you protect your investment for the life of your ownership.

What a Home Inspection ISN’T

A home inspector does not look between walls, under the earth or move furniture and belongings. They won’t guess at what is hidden and they are not there to do a complete building code or permit assessment.

A home inspector is a generalist and they will often recommend additional inspections by specialists if they see something out of the norm.

Common Inspections

We recommend four upfront inspections for Glendale Ca homes – a general home inspection,  chimney scope,  sewer scope and a wood destroying pest inspection. Occasionally a home seller will perform pre-sale inspections and provide reports upfront.  It is your decision if you will accept or repeat these inspections. The total cost for all is between $800 – $1000.

The general home inspector is often a licensed contractor. A good inspector has deep experience with older homes and enjoys educating the buyer on the various systems and elements of the home. The chimney and sewer scope inspections involve a flexible camera line.

**pro tip** Fire safety recommendations have evolved much in the last five years – it is rare for a Glendale CA chimney and fireplace to “pass” inspection for wood burning fires. Most people accept the fireplace as a decoration or they install a gas log.

Cautious home buyers might also hire specialist inspectors for the pool, foundation, roof, plumbing, and electrical. These inspections can run between $85 – $125 a piece.

Special Inspections

If the lot is irregular or on mountainous terrain a buyer might want a specialized inspection like a geologist or a surveyor. Expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 per inspection and wait up to 3 weeks for results.

The Home Inspection Process

Home inspections for a common Glendale Ca home take 2 – 3 hours. The general home inspector will prepare a report and include photos of the findings. The report is organized by room and area and items needing immediate attention are often highlighted.

Finding Bad Things

The homeowner will disclose any known defects upfront. But, a homeowner can be unaware of items that are broken, hazardous or about to fail. This is not the time to focus on “minor and normal old home stuff”.  Instead, carefully consider major items that might cause you to re-evaluate your purchase.  As part of the contingency removal discussion, you can ask the homeowner to fix, replace or give you a credit, but this might not work during a strong seller’s market.

A great Glendale CA Realtor will help you take a step back and refocus on your priorities. Knowing what you know now, what is the home worth to you? Is this still the right home for you or should you walk away?


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