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    Kendyl Young


    Why Work With Kendyl?

    Because experience makes a difference.

    The real estate transaction is pretty straight-forward. But changing the place you call home: your safe sanctuary, the holder of all your stuff, the keeper of your people. It’s a major life shift and it is stressful under the best of circumstances.

    My business and my mission are connected, but different.

    I am in the business of selling homes and I do it really well. I’ve sold over a thousand of them – I can’t say that I’ve seen every weird thing that can happen, I’m sure I’ve been through most of them.

    My mission, the core of what I do, is to take care of my people. Selling a home is complicated and it can get emotional. I’m part Sherpa and part Yoda. I use my experience to guide and educate throughout the process, anticipating common problems so we can avoid as many as possible, smoothing the way, and preparing you in advance for what’s likely to come next.

    If you’re my people, my business is to make the whole process less stressful for you, to keep you in control, and to make sure that you’re confident in the results. Kendyl’s Experience

    • 34 years of experience (Since 1986)
    • Over 1000 homes sold (see the latest ones!)
    • 5 Star ratings on every platform (read the latest reviews)
    • Over 80% repeat and referral business
    • Extensive press, articles, awards and designations (check out my press)

    Kendyl’s Background

    I was literally raised in real estate. I am a second-generation Realtor in Glendale Ca. While a lot of kids were working their first jobs in fast food or at the mall, I was learning this business. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Communications I moved to Silicon Valley where I learned how to sell homes to rocket scientists and software engineers. I value expertise, predictable systems, and excellent communications. I geek out on remarkable homes, and I love people who geek out on them as much as I do.The untouched mid-century, the jaw-dropping Spanish colonial (what else?). Connecting people and cool homes in Glendale, La Crescenta, La Canada and the surrounding areas is what I do every day. I am LA native and 4 generations deep in California. I’ve been married for 34 years and I have two grown children.

    The Secret To Selling a Home!

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