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    Craftsman Homes For Sale

    Craftsman Homes For Sale

    What Is A Craftsman Home?

    1. Craftsman Homes and the Arts and Crafts Movement go hand in hand.
    2. Most were built around the turn of the century.
    3. The architectural hallmarks are cedar shingle siding, a deep front porch with fieldstone accents, and deep, overhanging roof eaves.
    4. Breathtaking woodwork and stained glass windows showcase the emphasis on craftsmanship
    5. Grand staircases, large built-in cabinets, Tiffany-style light fixtures and feature fireplaces with arts and craft era tile

    What Makes a Craftsman Home?

    A great Craftsman home feels like a 4rth of July block party, neighborhood kids playing tag on the front lawns, and Ma and Pa Kent rocking on the front porch. But, it’s 2020, so they are holding iPads and FaceTiming with the Grands.

    Cedar shingles often cover the exteriors and the deep front porches are covered and feature tapered pillar supports and fieldstone foundations. These natural materials were the opposite of the ornate and formal Painted Ladies Victorian Homes.

    Natural materials continue inside the home. Wood elements are stained and varnished and the lines are clean and functional. It is popular to paint the woodwork white to bring more light into these originally cozy interiors. Ornamentation is usually reserved for stained glass windows and light fixtures and Arts and Crafts tile surrounding the fireplace.

    Pasadena is known for its wonderful Craftsman homes. Bungalow Heaven, in particular, is a magnet for fans and aficionados. Northeast Los Angeles also has a large inventory of (generally more modest) examples.

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