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    Downsize Homes For Sale

    Downsize Homes For Sale

    What Is A Downsize Home?

    1. A Downsize Home offers convenience and freedom for the Boomer Lifestyle.
    2. It is not always a smaller home – but it is generally low maintenance and centrally located.
    3. It is often one level and offers less landscape maintenance
    4. Downsizers are looking for “close and go” freedom for traveling, safety, walkability, and plenty of storage.

    What Makes A Downsize Home?

    We’ve already done the big home on the big lot. Our days of being a Weekend Warrior are over – we want a home where everything is done and we can enjoy the relaxation we feel we have earned!!

    Some Downsizers want sexy condo in a hip urban neighborhood like Old Town Pasadena, The Americana at Brand or even Downtown LA. When they are home they want to walk to interesting restaurants and when they travel they want the peace of mind a condo can offer.

    Other Downsizers still want to live and entertain in a single family home but they don’t need or want lots of unused rooms or labor intensive backyards. Or, like me, the knees object to going up and down the stairs all day long.

    The one consistent feature is a home that is done/done. No fixer uppers allowed and an emphasis is paid to style. We didn’t work hard all these years to live in a dump.

    The homes in our Downsize Home Collection are as varied and eclectic as Downsizers themselves. I add everything from funky lofts to sweet cottages. Most are single level, but not everyone has creeky knees, so an occasional two story option might make the cut.

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