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    Organize and Declutter

    Organization Hacks for Character Home

    Organization Hacks For Character And Historic Homes

    You need some serious organization hacks if you live in a character or historic home. Life was clearly very different "back then". It is hard to fit a modern life into a home built before 1940. Closets were smaller, backyards were an after-t...

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    Home selling Tips

    Is 2020 Your Year To Move?

    Thinking of selling your Glendale home in 2020? Many homeowners take four to six months to finally get their home on the market. If 2020 is your year to cash out, then it is a good idea to start planning and preparing now. Here are the most imp...

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    Estate Sales in Glendale

    Estate Sales – How Do They Work?

    An estate salesperson helps you to empty a home of all the contents; the good, bad, valuable and every day items. The evaluate, arrange for display, advertise and run a professional garage sale. When everything is done the home is empty and the...

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    Tidying Up with Vivien Mayhue

    Tidying Up with Vivien Lee-Mayhue

    Tidying Up your Glendale CA home this spring?  Vivien Lee-Mayhue, founder of Tidying Up Los Angeles is a KonMari certified professional organizer that specializes in the organizing method created by Marie Kondo. If you have seen the Netflix ...

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    how to choose a good contractor

    Podcast Ep. 4 – Simplify Your Life by Organizing!

    Lots of us would like to live differently than we currently do. We'd like a more convenient home- one story or smaller yard or, maybe even a "close it up and travel" sort of home. We dream about this easier lifestyle, but we never take a...

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