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    Decluttering? 5 places to sell your stuff that aren’t Craigslist

    Decluttering? 5 places to sell your stuff that aren’t Craigslist

    For most of us, decluttering is a constant challenge—and if you’re downsizing to smaller digs, it can be completely overwhelming. One way many people make the process less painful is by selling their castoffs—because parting with old possessions doesn’t feel half as bad with a little extra money in your pocket.

    There’s just one problem: selling your stuff on Craigslist can be more trouble than it’s worth. Inviting randos into your home to check out your stuff (after a few dozen texts of course) can be nerve wracking. And if they decide they want to haggle at the last minute it can be a huge hassle.

    But you’re in luck! Plenty of apps have filled the void by making the process of selling your possessions much easier—often with a better payoff to boot. So whether you’re lightening your load before a move, downsizing to a smaller space, or just decluttering, here’s how to sell the items topping your get-it-outta-here list.

    Best for selling: Anything locally, especially kids items

    Check Facebook for a group that trades in your area, or start one if there isn’t one already. In the area around the DIGGS office we have several groups that were created just to sell and swap stuff. Especially popular items are kids clothes and toys. You will typically get more per item than at a consignment store, but it may take a while to sell your stuff. Try and time your decluttering to when people are looking to buy the items you are selling. You won’t have as much success selling your snow gear in April after the snowboarding season has wrapped up, but if you wait until early winter you might get multiple offers on your kids outgrown snow pants.

    Any downsides? You have to have a Facebook account to post items for sale. Communication is usually through Facebook, so you will have to keep an eye on your notifications to make sure you don’t miss a customer. Facebook determines who sees your post, so you may need to tag some friends to help get the word out, or post something a couple of times.


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