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    10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer’s Agent [Bonus Video]

    10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer’s Agent [Bonus Video]

    Why should you hire a Buyer’s Agent? After all, you might think it is easier and better to work directly with the listing agent of a home. Under ideal circumstances, you are not wrong – but can you count on everything being ideal at every point?

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    In this article, we assume you are already suspicious that a listing agent is not your friend. Here are the 10 reasons we think a dedicated buyer’s agent just makes good sense. We are so committed to this that we have a strict no dual representation policy at DIGGS. Our clients will always have their own, dedicated human being representing their interests!

    1. A Buyer’s Agent Helps You Find The RIGHT House

    A listing agent is only interested in you if you buy their listing. They have no incentive to tell you (or find out) things that you consider important or to go the extra mile to discover relevant facts about this home. A Buyer’s Agent is your personal detective and bulldog. Are you sensitive to noise? Your agent will point out that the nearby highway can get really loud when the weather is cloudy. Do you have allergies? Your agent will suggest a mold test before you are committed to the home.

    No home can have everything, but your buyer’s agent knows how to get the most of what you want. If this home doesn’t have it, they will have no problem telling you to pull out so you can find another one that is better.

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    2. Negotiate The Contract In YOUR Favor

    There are a dozen, or more, variables in the purchase contract and each one can have a huge impact on your bottom line and timing. Your buyer’s agent knows everything about your needs and priorities and can craft a contract to suit your needs. An experienced agent can adjust several seemingly minor things at once that add up to a better situation for you.

    Now, the seller also has needs and priorities and your agent has a number of ways to find out as much information as possible. The key is finding out more about them than they know about you! Is it hard to see how working with the listing agent is almost always against your favor?

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    3. Multiple Offer Sanity

    No buyer likes a multiple offer situation. They feel manipulated, disrespected and almost forced into an emotional situation – it is the opposite of sanity!

    But it is not reasonable to avoid them in today’s seller focused market. The better idea is to make sure your buyer’s agent has the best relationships with listing agents and is killer at crafting the best contracts.

    You should never feel pressured to pay more than you should! It should never be about winning, it should be about what makes sense for you.

    Trust your agent to guide you in pricing and value. They will help you place this home in perspective and tell you when it is time to push your limits or just make a sensible offer.

    4. A Buyer’s Agent Will Get ALL The Inspections

    You don’t want a huge unexpected repair bill after you buy the home, right? You will certainly want a complete general home inspection and probably a termite inspection, but is that enough?

    Every home is unique and your buyer’s agent can recommend the additional inspections you should consider. The listing agent wants as few inspections as possible to ensure you buy that one home!

    5. Look Beyond The Pretty

    Is that HGTV ready home hiding some scary problems? Is that lovely water fountain masking terrible traffic noise? It is the buyer’s agent pleasure to find out all the messy stuff the listing agent swept under the rug (sometimes literally!)

    Perhaps that area rug is over big stains on the floor. Or the staging is masking an awkward floor plan. Did they remove the doors to make rooms appear bigger? Is the home on the market when school is out? Your dedicated buyer’s agent will point this out. The listing agent? Not so much.

    All of that beautiful furniture is gone on the day you close escrow. You don’t want a big disappointment in what’s left.

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    6. Focused On Referrals, Not The Commission

    A listing agent can stink of commission breath – you can tell they think of you as “lunch”. If your plan is to work with the listing agent you are stuck with whatever is attached to the home of your dreams. If they stink, you’re stuck.

    Now, a lot of buyer’s agents can also get that stink, but you wouldn’t choose them, right? You will choose an agent you trust to have your back, one that is earning your referrals down the line.

    7. The Buyer’s Agent Knows The Best Local Inspectors

    You do not want an “easy” inspector. That inspector just looks for the obvious and is striving to make the house look good.

    But you also want to avoid the crazy inspector that makes everything sound like a huge, dangerous problem that needs to be addressed before you move in.

    The ideal inspector is locally based and understands the normal condition of homes in that area and price range. He or she helps to put perspective on anything they find and takes the time to educate you.

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    8. Get All The Local Intel

    “Insider Information” can be extremely important! The listing agent doesn’t want to know too much – they must disclose anything they find out. But your dedicated buyer’s agent is a bulldog- sniffing out all the gossip, backstory, rumor and hidden information.

    This intel can be anything from information about seller motivation, neighbor’s habits, traffic patterns or seasonal events. It might even include the history of previous owners and problems.

    9. Your Agent Helps You Have Walk Away Power

    You know you shouldn’t get attached to the home before it’s yours… but it happens. You’ve already imagined living there and it is much harder to walk away than you might think. The listing agent is of no use if you suspect you need to walk. Worse, some listing agents might use nefarious techniques to make you stay.

    Sometimes walking away is the right thing to do, sometimes it is not. Your dedicated buyer’s agent will give you a great perspective on what is right for you.

    10. The Power Of The Local Expert

    A local expert knows the people, inside information and local issues that contribute to a great home buying decision. A local expert knows the problem areas and the neighborhood about to change schools districts. They know the listing agent’s weak spots and the most reputable inspectors and vendors.

    Quirks and eccentricities of homes in the area, traffic patterns that can make a 10-mile commute last 45 minutes and recurring special events can all have a huge impact on your quality of life in a home. Your buyer’s agent should be the local expert that guides you through it all.

    Pro Tip: An open house host may not be an hourly worker or unsupervised newer agent. And, a listing agent can come from several zip codes away.

    Are you ready to talk to us about being YOUR dedicated buyer’s agent? We would love the opportunity.

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