Carin Hoffman and Kendyl Young

Carin Hoffman- CV Town Council Candidate

You may love La Crescenta, but even loyal natives have a list of things they wish would change. My guest on Love Your DIGGS is Carin Hoffman- resident, mom, community activator, original DIGGS agent and candidate for CV Town Council. Carin’s can do attitude serves her very well in her real […] Read more »

Lynne Graves- Easy Party Planning

Some people excel at throwing the best parties. Some people get a case of the hives just thinking about hosting a dinner party. Lynne Graves of Party Host Helpers is an expert in helping the “party challenged” become the host with the most. In this wide-ranging conversation Lynne shares some absolutely killer […] Read more »

Matt Crisafulli – Financial Planner

Do you dream of buying your own home? Do you wonder how all those other buyers managed to get their down payments? Would it surprise you to know that some of them saved it up, little by little? You might feel like that is never going to happen for you, […] Read more »

Glendale Community Events Guide- LUPN

I first met Adriana at a citywide Pitchfest competition (she won, by the way). I think her app is brilliant. There are a million cool events happening in our city, but who can keep track of them all? Introducing LUPN- a free app that is beautifully designed and snap simple […] Read more »

Erin Beck – Free Quality Babysitting

Loving your DIGGS is often wrapped up in loving your family. And, if your family includes little kids, babysitting might be an issue for you. Erin Beck understands the babysitting issues. She formed a babysitting co-op with some local moms, but soon realized that there were some larger issues that […] Read more »

Shea Case – Tap Your Equity for Home Improvements

Do you dream about an extra bedroom for your Glendale CA home? A new kitchen? Maybe you’d like to build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) or a guest house. Glendale Ca Home values have risen quite a bit over the last few years. Perhaps you have a large pile of equity […] Read more »

How To Choose a Contractor, Ep. 6

There are at least as many contractor horror stories as there are lawyer and real estate horror stories. My next podcast guest, Alfred Navarro of Navarro Construction says choosing a good contractor is much like choosing a good marriage. If you make a bad choice, your life will be unpleasant!! […] Read more »

Podcast Ep 5- How To Choose a Preschool

The process of finding **just** the right preschool for your little one feels like the first truly big hurdle. How do you find a place that will develop your bundle of terror joy into a brilliant and responsible human being? Will your child be scarred for life if you make the […] Read more »

Podcast Ep. 4 – Simplify Your Life by Organizing!

Lots of us would like to live differently than we currently do. We’d like a more convenient home- one story or smaller yard or, maybe even a “close it up and travel” sort of home. We dream about this easier lifestyle, but we never take action…. because we don’t know how […] Read more »

Podcast Ep. 3 – Get a Living Trust!

You might feel like you have plenty of time. You know you need to plan your Glendale CA home estate, but you’ll certainly do that before it’s too late, right? Did you know Aretha Franklin died without a will or trust?!  As poor as her health had been, she still felt like […] Read more »

Podcast – Biggest Insurance Mistakes Ep. 2

No one wants to think about death or insurance… until it’s too late. When you bought your home it was a mad rush to get your insurance in place in time to close escrow. Did you shop around? Did you ask about options? Did you just look for the cheapest […] Read more »