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    Glendale Community Events Guide- LUPN

    Glendale Community Events Guide- LUPN

    I first met Adriana at a citywide Pitchfest competition (she won, by the way). I think her app is brilliant. There are a million cool events happening in our city, but who can keep track of them all?

    Introducing LUPN- a free app that is beautifully designed and snap simple to use. In one quick glance, I know what’s happening and I’ll never miss out on a cool event again!


    How did you build this?

    Adrianna started out as a web designer in Brazil.

    Then she got involved in the emerging interactive TV industry, working for Direct TV. She moved to San Francisco in 2001 to work on a masters degree in interactive TV.

    The technology never really took off and she fell in love, oddly with a Brazilian man who went to the same school she did, growing up. Isn’t life grand? He is an animator from Los Angeles- they now live in LA.

    It was a difficult move for her. She didn’t know how to get integrated into the community – the happenings, the events, best restaurants.

    She has a 7 and 9 year old- very active ages! They are being raised tri-lingual, English, Porteguese and Italian through the emerging language program at Frankliin Elementary School.

    Prior to launching Lupn, Adriana did all sorts of emerging technology for companies like Disney. She did not admit or deny being part of the team that developed the Fast Pass technology at Disneyland.

    Lupn was borne of that experience of using technology to improve a person’s experience of the real world, in real time. She is an expert in organizing content (like information about events in an area) and making is understandable and easy to use.

    When her son started kindergarten she was bombarded by information from teachers, PTA, district and so forth and it was overwhelming. She thought, what if I find a solution for this. After doing some research she found a crowded field- there are too many companies offering the same solution.

    She pivoted from developing a single source for all the parent/kid information to applying the same concept to city governments. Jennifer McClain-Hiramoto (Glendale Economic Development Department) encouraged her to develop the app and the City of Glendale would be the first guinea pig.

    There is a lot more happening in the City of Glendale besides boring (but important!) city council meetings. The city invests a lot of time and money in educational events, art, entertainment and culture are people don’t know about them.

    DIGGS prides itself on the community, but even we find it difficult to keep up with all of the different channels of information.

    Enter LUPN {loop-in} all the events are approved by the city to avoid the wild wild west feeling of Meetup or Facebook of even NextDoor. City management department will approve or disprove of the organizations that can list on LUPN.

    For now, this is just for free community-oriented events.

    LUPN is currently free for users, and for now, it is free for city partners.

    In the future, Adriane wants to find ways to connect residents with local businesses to support the Buy Local movement.

    LUPN is available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Potential city partners can sign up at LUPN.co (not .com, guys. It’s .co)

    Or email Adriane at adriana(dotted)tt(at)lupn(dotted)co





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