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    Boise Idaho is A Best Place To Retire

    Boise Idaho is A Best Place To Retire

    Boise is clean, easy to navigate and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    It is a popular idea to retire to Boise Idaho and there are a lot of good reasons! I had my first trip to Boise last week and I was blown away. The neighborhoods are clean, everything is very walkable. This city is so safe the Capital Building is just wide open for anyone to enter and wander about. No guards, no pat down, no nothing. Wow. Listen in as I find out from local expert Realtor Andrea Pettitt about Boise lifestyle, prices and homes.

    Andrea has been licensed since 2003 and came from a background of non-profit management. She has a team of 6 agents and the average experience is 11 years. Andrea is practically native to the area and all her agents are locals who can really help a relocating person find their perfect area.

    Who retires to Boise Idaho?

    She says lots of people chose to move to Boise Idaho as a great place to relocate for early retirement as well as people who can telecommute – the come for the active lifestyle and the gorgeous weather.

    Why do people love to retire to Boise Idaho?

    Andrea loves the big city amenities of Boise. They have all the features one would expect in a major metropolitan area like symphonies, opera, Shakespear Festival, zoo and ballet. She also mentioned the Boise River Greenbelt.  This is 26 miles of hiking and bike trails that seem divine.

    If you retire to Boise Idaho, what will a home cost?

    About $300,000 – $350,000 gets you a nice single level home with a three car garage pretty close into Boise. If you are the north or south east part of town, closer to the trails, you might be looking at $400,000 – $450,000. Or, you could go to West Boise, a nice neighborhood with nice homes all around and find something for $275,000.

    The more walkable the area the higher the price.

    I took some photos of homes while I was wandering around my now favorite neighborhood in Boise, Hyde Park

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    What does life look like for one who retires Boise Idaho?

    We have lots of Craftsman homes in the North End of Boise. There are also Victorians. There is Hyde Park with lots of charming restaurants with patio dining and lots of casual people mixing up with each other. This is the “good” part of town. West Boise is more of a burby feel with kids on bikes, lots of people going to parks.

    Boisians are outdoor oriented. They like to be out and about.

    What is the weather like in Boise Idaho?

    We have true four season weather!  People who retire to Boise Idaho from California love the gorgeous fall with lots of colors, amazing spring, lots of wildflowers in the foothills. Our winters we get snow on the ground two to three times a season and it melts pretty quickly. However, this past year we had the worst snow on record this last year. We had the most snow I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    We are in the valley, so we are pretty dry, maybe only 12 -14 ” of rain a year. But, we are near the mountains, and in 45 min you could be skiing. During the summer we can have days in the low 100 degrees, but many days are more like 80’s. We have a very high number of sunny days for this part of the country.

    Tell us about the lifestyle for one who retires to Boise Idaho.

    We have lots of rivers- a river that runs through the city, the Ridge to Rivers hiking trails, and white water rafting or just float the Boise River. We also have a wine country just 45 min away.

    Our library system is Library! because we are so proud of our library system.

    The things that first time visitors often say is, “I can’t believe how clean your city is!” and, “The people are so nice, here!”

    I think that people enjoy a great quality life here, and I think people are nice because they are just so happy to be here.

    Wanna know more? Call Andrea Pettitt at 208.863.2326. Tell her DIGGS sent you!


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