how to choose a good contractor

Podcast Ep. 4 – Simplify Your Life by Organizing!

Lots of us would like to live differently than we currently do. We’d like a more convenient home- one story or smaller yard or, maybe even a “close it up and travel” sort of home. We dream about this easier lifestyle, but we never take action…. because we don’t know how […] Read more »

how to choose a good contractor

Podcast Ep. 3 – Get a Living Trust!

You might feel like you have plenty of time. You know you need to plan your Glendale CA home estate, but you’ll certainly do that before it’s too late, right? Did you know Aretha Franklin died without a will or trust?!  As poor as her health had been, she still felt like […] Read more »

how to choose a good contractor

Podcast – Biggest Insurance Mistakes Ep. 2

No one wants to think about death or insurance… until it’s too late. When you bought your home it was a mad rush to get your insurance in place in time to close escrow. Did you shop around? Did you ask about options? Did you just look for the cheapest […] Read more »

how to choose a good contractor

Podcast – Solar Energy, Ep.1

It’s been HOT this summer! Did your last electric bill scare you? It scared me. I started shopping for solar energy. But I am no engineer. I don’t understand watts and gig-a-whatever and invertors- micro or otherwise. I am a patsy waiting to be taken by the first charming Charleton that […] Read more »

Tacoma Washington, Best Place to Retire

Retire to Tacoma Washington

Tacoma Washington is the cool (and affordable) kid in the Pacific Northwest People want to retire to Tacoma because it is only 30 min from Seattle’s International airport (ok- 30 min at 2 AM. Closer to an hour at peak commute time). Tacoma is an open secret for people looking […] Read more »

North Detroit Suburbs

Retire to North Detroit Suburbs

The North Detroit Suburbs offers classic Michigan lifestyle and scenery minuites from urban Detroit. Retire to North Detroit Suburbs and Oakland County because this area is centrally located, super affordable and completely lacking in fire, tornado, hurricanes or earthquakes! Listen in as my pal Gwen Daubenmeyer shares lifestyle, prices and […] Read more »

Retire to Bend Oregon

Retire to Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon is outdoors oriented and the perfect place for a second career You want to retire to Bend Oregon if you are ready to ditch the daily job grind but not ready to sit on a couch and grow fat. Bend is a outdoorsy place vibrating with opportunity and […] Read more »

Oahu, Hawaii is a Best Place To Retire

Oahu, Hawaii is paradise for anyone looking to retire Why wouldn’t anyone and everyone want to retire to Oahu Hawaii?! It is warm all year round, people from all over the world live there and it is the business and cultural capital of the entire state. Find out from local […] Read more »

Boise ID Is A Best Place To Retire

Boise Idaho is A Best Place To Retire

Boise is clean, easy to navigate and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! It is a popular idea to retire to Boise Idaho and there are a lot of good reasons! I had my first trip to Boise last week and I was blown away. The neighborhoods are clean, everything is very walkable. […] Read more »

Raleigh NC - Best Place To Retire

Raleigh North Carolina Best Place To Retire

Retiring in Raleigh NC is not an obvious choice for a Glendale CA resident. It is aa complete surprise to anyone ignorant of how the South truly is. Raleigh is diverse, hip and a super happening place! Listen as I talk to Raligh expert and native, Lynn Johnson about why […] Read more »

DIGGS Live, Cyber Security

Every Thursday afternoon, on the DIGGS Facebook Page we host DIGGS Live, a timely show about the questions and concerns our clients are dealing with right now. This week, cyber security is a top of mind issue in the real estate world.  Criminals and hackers are scamming hundreds of thousands of […] Read more »