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    Retire To Midtown Atlanta

    Retire To Midtown Atlanta

    Midtown Atlanta is most diverse, open and walkable area in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

    Midtown Atlanta might not be the cheapest place to retire, but it is charming, beautiful and the cost of living is definitely better. Listen in as I find out from Midtown Atlanta expert Jennifer Kjellgren on lifestyle, prices and homes in her hometown.

    Show Notes

    A little about Jennifer Kjellgren

    Been in real estate since 2000. She decided early on to be very focused on her hyper-local area. She wanted to live, work and play in Midtown Atlanta and not commute. Atalanta has similar traffic to Los Angeles. She now has her own brokerage as part of the Nest brand.

    What is Midtown Atlanta like?

    Atlanta is the size of a small state. If you retire to Midtown Atlanta you’ll see it is one of the original urbancore areas with many homes built in the 1880s. It is just north of downtown and holds many of the city’s icons. We refer to it as a “city” within the Atlanta metropolis.

    It has great transportation because it is on the grid and that is super unusual. It is one of the reasons people are drawn to Midtown.

    There is also a ton of architectural diversity. Lots of traditional, older homes, but there are also lots of modern, sleek buildings. This area is very walkable.

    If I retire to Midtown Atlanta, what kind of people will I see?

    This is probably the most diverse city in Atlanta. Lots of transplants, people come from other major metropolitan areas and settle here.

    Southern hospitality is a real thing. People on the street look you in the eye, say hello – but at the same time we have that bustling metropolitan vibe.

    Atlanta is not particularly diverse racially, sadly, but if you look at the map, Mid Town is where everything convenes. There is every sort of people and Jennifer loves raising her child in that environment.

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    When I retire to Midtown Atlanta, what will my house be like?

    It’s changed dramatically, and prices have gone through the roof. A starter home is about $500,000 and the next tier up is in the $700’s – $900’s. That has had a huge impact on where a ton of spec. building is happening.

    The older homes are 2 – 3 bedroom pre-war bungalows built in the ’20s and ’30s. There is also a lot of new construction so there are condos and lofts  for $350’s – $550’s

    The average price in the major metropolitan area is in the mid $200’s. Mid Town is one of the most desirable and it has driven the price up.

    Affordability is a real problem and inventory is really tight. However, they don’t have massive bidding wars going way over the list price.

    As a retiree in Midtown Atlanta, I worry about taxes.

    Property taxes are about $1.75 per thousand. They are high and there are two different property tax bills, so if you move out of the city it is more affordability.

    The local governments tried to raise the property taxes, but there was a bit of a revolt. In the past taxes rise slow and steady. Hopefully, that will continue.

    What do retirees in Midtown Atlanta like to do?

    Atlanta is a very pet-friendly city. Dogs are a big deal! Restaurants are also big, independent – not franchise.

    People love the outdoors – biking, walking, hiking. People live in Midtown Atlanta for its walkability.

    There is a huge diversity of ages and family make-up there are empty nesters to young families here.

    What is the truth about Midtown Atlanta weather

    It gets really hot and humid in the summer. Spring and Fall are amazing here! Low’s in the 50’s high 60’s low 70’s during the day. Atlanta is called a city in a forest so when all those trees change colors it is spectacular. Summer is brutal and winter is just blah. Summer is like the mid to high 90’s with 80% humidity.

    People are used to the humidity and outdoor life just carries on. You can have an 8-10 month outdoor lifestyle. There isn’t a lot of snow, ever.

    Traveling in and out of Atlanta is easy.

    What up and coming neighborhood should people explore?

    Midtown Atlanta is a collection of urban neighborhoods and each has its unique personality. Check out InTownExpert.com for a ton of information, photos and homes for sale in the different neighborhoods

    What else do you tell people wanting to relocate to Midtown Atlanta

    The cost of living is less and the lifestyle is easier. Genteel Southern hospitality is a thing and the slower pace is just easier. The greenery of the city where you are in this quint neighborhood and you can see the city peeking through the trees.

    It is easy to raise a family, but lots of suburbs dwellers are downsizing into Midtown.

    Explore Mid Town Atlanta and Contact Jennifer: Nest Realty, Atlanta


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