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    Top Neighborhoods Trending Now


    Top Neighborhoods Trending Now

    The top neighborhoods trending now is ever evolving, and we call them Hot Hoods. Bookmark this page and check back frequently. We select our Hot Hoods based on a number of factors including current buyer behavior, market data or developments that could impact lifestyle and investment potential.

    Adams Hill – Glendale

    The Top Neighborhood for Glendale right now is Adams Hill. A listing located right on Adams Ave. (which is a very busy street) attracted 29 offers recently. Another mid century fixer attracted multiple offers and sold over a million dollars. Adams Hill in Glendale is hot 🔥 hot 🔥 hot🔥!!

    See: Adams Hill Homes For Sale.

    Sunland Tujunga

    Sunland Tujunga a top neighborhood pick because of it’s hilly beauty, rural feel and relatively great value for your housing dollar. It is also the best neighborhood for people who prefer to be left alone to do their own thing.

    See: Sunland Tujunga Homes For Sale

    Sagebrush – La Canada

    The Sagebrush neighborhood is a trending top neighborhood because we are closer than ever on becoming part of the La Canada Unified School District. Sagebrush residents currently belong to the Glendale Unified School District. While there is controversy over what school district is best for the kids, nearly everyone anticipates a bump in property values once (if) the transfer is complete.

    See: Sagebrush Homes For Sale

    Whiting Woods – La Crescenta

    I am not surprised to see Whiting Woods is trending as a top neighborhood. I’ve long thought of it as one of the hottest hoods in the Foothills, but it is small and there are not a lot of homes that come on the market. Like, ever. The wise home hunter will click to the page and subscribe to the neighborhood list to be one the the first people alerted when a Whiting Woods home comes on the market.

    See: Whiting Woods Homes For Sale

    Town and Country Club – Altadena

    Every time I turn around someone is asking me about Altadena. It is especially popular with people priced out of urban Los Angeles. People love the large lots, rural feel and the underground budding maker culture. With a little bit of work one can find raw foods groups, kombucha brewing classes and urban garden experts. It isn’t clear what neighborhood in Altadena is the Hot Hood, so I am listing my personal favorite.

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