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    La Cañada Sage Brush Transfer

    La Cañada Sage Brush Transfer

    This is a critical issue for prospective home buyers AND home sellers in the Sagebrush area. If you are considering a move in or out of the Sagebrush call DIGGS. We are the local experts who can help you make good long term decisions.

    **Update 10/2/2019**

    DIGGS was in the house for the historic school board meeting for the Sagebrush Transfer initiative. The transfer was approved by a vote of 6 to 3. This does NOT mean the transfer is a done deal. The LA Times covered the meeting in detail and next steps, here.

    The La Cañada Sage Brush transfer from Glendale Unified to the La Cañada Unified District is still brewing.

    When it comes to school districts The Sagebrush area of La Cañada is in a weird twlight zone. We belong to the City of La Cañada and abide by it’s rules and pay it’s taxes, but our children belong to the Glendale Unified School District.

    It doesn’t make sense and Sagebrush citizens want a change in the school district lines. It’s simple – we live in La Cañada and our kids should attend La Cañada schools.

    Glendale Unified School District doesn’t want to allow that change. At stake are the federal dollars attached to each student that leaves the Glendale School District.

    This battle has been brewing, and occasionally blowing up, for over 40 years.


    The County Committee is tentatively scheduled to make a final vote on the territory transfer at the thier next meeting on October 2, 2019.

    If you would like to join the meeting contact Communications Director Kristine Nam and [email protected]. More information and history of the La Cañada Sagebrush transfer petition is at www.gusd.net/sagebrush.


    The county committee went against staff recommendations and voted for preliminary approval of the Sagebrush transfer pending an environmental impact report to take place sometime next year.
    See the LA Times article here.

    Fresh from the Crescenta Valley Weekly, we have some new information about the Sagebrush Transfer:

    The agenda has been released for the May 3 meeting of the Los Angeles County Committee on School District Organization. The petition to transfer territory from Glendale Unified School District to La Cañada Unified School District is agenda item IX. According to the agenda, County Committee staff will recommend that the petitionbedenied; however, the official decision will be voted on by the County Committee members on May 3.

    The meeting is being held at 9:30 a.m. in the board room of Los Angeles County Office of Education,9300 Imperial Highway, Downey, CA 90242. Parking is limited.

    Currently, several students who reside in La Canada are districted to attend Glendale Unified School District schools including Mountain Avenue Elementary, Rosemont Middle School, and Crescenta Valley High School. A group formed to petition to have those students attend La Canada Unified School District schools instead.  If it goes through, this transfer would take away a considerable amount of money from the GUSD, affecting several school sites. There is also a bond measure stuck in the middle of this tug of war which may change property taxes for some homeowners.

    And many people are asking “How will this affect my property value?” Contact us if you have questions.

    For more information:

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