Pickens Canyon is located on either side of Briggs Ave., above Foothill and below Two Strike Park


The homes in Pickens Canyon tend to have larger lots and eclectic styles. People love the connection to nature paired with a relatively convenient location.

The history of Pickens canyon is nothing short of a hoot. John Newcombe made the film “Rancho La Canada, Then and Now” and recounts the story of the rascally Colonel Theadore Pickens.

Apparently Pickens, who moved to La Crescenta for his health was a squatter! He dammed up the river and told real estate developer John Lanterman that he would have to pay a hefty price for the water.

Lanterman (who was obviously a wise man ahead of his time) sent his wife to negotiate. According to Newcombe, Mrs Lanterman whipped out a shot gun, pressed it to Col. Pickens head and said, “You’re going to sell me those water rights before I leave this cabin”

Mrs. Lanterman got the water and Pickens got $500 in gold – and a chance to live another day.

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What People Don’t Love

The traffic during school pick up and drop off can get a bit hairy. Especially because kids cross Briggs Ave in meandering bunches.


Mountain Ave.
Mountain Ave is considered one of Glendale’s top schools. However, the wise parent should find out the current state of the Sagebrush transfer. If the transfer is approved, a large number of Mountain Ave. students could transfer to La Canada elementary schools. This issue has been around since the 1950’s but recent events have made the possibility far more real.

Monte Vista Elementary
Rosemont Middle School
Crescenta Valley High School
Clark Magnet School

There are two elementary schools attached to Pickens Canyon. Use the Glendale Unified School District Street Finder tool to ID your elementary school.


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