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    Popular Historic Neighborhoods


    Everyone loves a historic neighborhood filled with character homes on storybook streets. Los Angeles is a relatively young city, but our historic neighborhoods are filled with soul. Each one has it’s own personality and story. Here are the most popular historic neighborhoods in each of our cities. Some are designated Historic Neighborhoods by the local government. This means the neighborhood enjoys special privileges and protections to preserve its character and soul.

    What People Love About Historic Districts

    People love the look and feel of a designated historic neighborhood. Each one has a name and some cities install signs at the entrance or borderline. Who doesn’t like knowing they are part of an exclusive club with a cool name? As a result many of these neighborhoods enjoy strong community bonds with block parties and neighborhood watch groups. It is not uncommon for homebuyers to prioritize favorite historic neighborhoods.

    What People Don’t Love About Historic Districts

    Historic Districts come with additional regulations and oversight. If you are a “Don’t Tread On Me” sort of person these neighborhoods are not for you.

    Click each neighborhood for a map, current homes for sale, open house schedule, market reports and Insider Intel.


    Rossmoyne Historic – a small neighborhood located along Rossmoyne Ave. above Mountain Ave.

    North Cumberland Heights – located near famed Brand Park.

    Royal Canyon – exists on either side of Royal Blvd.

    Verdugo Woodlands – not a designated historic district, but famous for it’s storybook character. It also contains a historic neighborhood, Niodrara Dr.. Located on either side of Canada Blvd.

    Whiting Woods – This should be a designated historic district because it contains homes built by famous Mid Century architects like Neutra and Schindler.  Located in North Glendale off Honolulu just before it hits Pennsylvania.


    Upper Alta Canyada – Also called the Deodars. This was the original affluent neighborhood of La Canada, before it merged with Flintridge.

    Flintridge Hills – And this was the original affluent neighborhood before Flintridge merged with La Canada. The homes on Woodleigh, Foxwood, and Alta Vista are especially lovely and historic.

    Meadow Grove – this neighborhood originally sat on the edge of the Flintridge Golf Course.


    Lower Arroyo – I love walking around this neighborhood because it’s one breath taking home after another. Located south of the Rose Bowl.

    Linda Vista – This area contains the original Busch Gardens (once named the Eighth Wonder of The World) and Pickfair, the fabled estate of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

    Annandale – Half of these homes are behind large and impressive walls and ornate gates. Located below Colorado and bordered by San Rafael to the east.

    Oak Knoll  – The area around the Langham Hotel is stupidly gorgeous. It is located on a smal knoll so the streets are curved and the lots are not all flat.

    Cal Tech Area – Right next to Oak Knoll is the neighborhood around Cal Tech. The homes are no less gracious, but the areas is flat and regular.

    Historic Highlands – Located in the North West part of Pasadena, there is a mixture of gracious two story homes as well as more modest bungalows

    Bungalow Heaven – This neighborhood is nirvana for fans of Craftsman architecture and the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920’s


    Jane’s Village – This is a relatively modest neighborhood with a distinct English vernacular vibe.

    Town and Country Club – The best neighborhood for fans of historic homes on large flat lots.


    Mt. Washington – The historic Mt Washington Hotel was at the top of San Rafael Ave. and the homes reflect turn of the century affluence.

    Garvanza –  located on the east side of Highland Park and considered one of the birthplaces of the Arts and Crafts movement in Southern California

    Los Feliz (Above Los Feliz Blvd.) – The neighborhood of choice for families of Hollywood stars and executives in the 1920’s and 1930’s

    Eagle Rock (Hill Dr.) – Hill Dr. in Eagle Rock is lined with lovely character homes


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