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    Retire To Las Cruces New Mexico

    Retire To Las Cruces New Mexico

    Have you thought about what it would be like to retire and move to Las Cruces New Mexico?

    I had no idea what a charming, easy living place this was until I stopped off during my grand Southwest Road trip. I had the chance to spend the morning with our new Realtor friends, Emmy and Kent Simpson and they really opened my eyes to this great retirement alternative!

    Here are the show notes for those who find video cumbersome:

    • Las Cruces is known for mild weather compared to other New Mexico or Arizona choices. Summers are similar to Los Angeles.
    • Electric energy costs are very reasonable.
    • Solar energy and geothermal energy are accessible
    • Las Cruces is where practical living happens- Mesilla (5 min away) is the cultural hub.
    • Property taxes are reasonable and stable.
    • You can buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in good condition for $250,000. We saw some large newer homes for the mid $600,000’s!!
    • Dirt is dirt cheap. It is possible to build the home of your dreams in Las Cruces.

    Now, don’t be judgy, y’all. I hadn’t planned on reviving my podcast, but Emmy and Kent were so darn cute and knowledgeable I couldn’t resist. There was zero prep work done- I just turned on my cell phone and let the questions rip. They were amazing for such an on-the-fly interview.

    There are buyers lining up just waiting for you to sell your Glendale home. Call Emmy and Kent if you are open to exploring buying a home in Las Cruces New Mexico. They know how to make a Californian feel at home and welcomed.

    How To Move From Glendale CA to Las Cruces NM

    1. Visit Las Cruces New Mexico. Call me and I’ll share the places I stayed and what I loved. Make sure you include the charming of Mesillas.
    2. Make an appointment with Emmy and Kent while you are there. They are the most gracious hosts, ever!!  They will help you understand neighborhoods and home prices.
    3. Call me to find out the logistics of getting your Glendale home sold. We will ink out a strategy that is profitable and timely.

    Emmy and Kent Simpson, BHGRE-Steinborn & Associates

    575-635-8185 | [email protected] | Website

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