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    6 Reasons Why You Should Add an ADU to Your Property

    6 Reasons Why You Should Add an ADU to Your Property

    An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a distinct living unit that’s added to a piece of property with pre-existing living quarters, such as a single-family residence, a multi-family apartment or condo building, or another kind of residence. ADUs can be entirely separate from the main residence or part of that structure, such as an attic or basement apartment. 

    In recent years,ADUs have increased in popularity, with over a third of the U.S. real estate agents who responded to a HomeLight survey reporting an increase in ADUs in 2021. ADUs are even more popular in the Pacific and Mountain states, where state legislation is often helping to minimize the regulations applicable to permitting and building ADUs. 

    Recently DIGGS sold a charming Spanish Style home with an ADU garage conversion. We were blown away by the ferocity of buyer interest and it only supports the idea that adding an ADU is a good idea.

    With all the burgeoning GlendaleADU constructiongoing on, should you build one on your property? Consider the following six reasons to think about expanding your property this way!

    Reason #1: Create a new source of income. 

    An ADU is a self-contained living unit, with kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as space for sleeping. That makes them the perfect candidate for short- or long-term rental. You’ll want to double-check your local zoning and homeowners’ association regulations to make sure you can get the ADU permitted and listed for rental occupancy before you commit any funds or major site work to it. However, if leasing an ADU is allowed on your property, you can recoup your investment within a few years. 

    Reason #2: Build an affordable solution for multigenerational living. 

    As the population ages and the economy tightens, homeowners are finding themselves sandwiched between caring for aging parents and making room for adult children returning to the family home. An ADU is a perfect solution to house additional family members without squeezing out the occupants of your main residence, giving everyone their own much-needed space.

    This is particularly popular in cities like Glendale where multi-generational living is more common.

    Reason #3: Give yourself a separate working-from-home space. 

    Not everyone wants to rush back into a crowded workplace, and if you work from home, dedicated office space is just the ticket for greater focus and productivity. Freelancers and creative workers also benefit from their own work-from-home space. An ADU is a great way to give yourself that extra space, removed from the everyday traffic of the main residence. 

    Reason #4: Attract potential home buyers.

    For all the other reasons mentioned here, ADUs present an attractive feature for people who are shopping for a new home. Folks looking for residential property can easily envision the possibilities inherent in an ADU on the main property. A possible source of ongoing income, private office or workshop space, or making space for a parent or adult child can all look like nothing but added value, rendering a residential property even more attractive. If you’re thinking about selling your home down the road, you can help your property appeal to even more buyers by adding an ADU. 

    Reason #5: Add value to your property. 

    Because a well-constructed ADU offers so many additional possibilities to your property and attracts potential home buyers, it can also increaseyour property’s appraised value. You may not recoup 100% of the costs of the ADU, so it’s good to make sure you have other reasons for adding an ADU first. However, if you do eventually decide to sell the property or want to refinance the property, you can take advantage of the added value. 

    Reason #6: Provide your family with a separate space for isolating when sick. 

    As a bonus, ADUs can help provide extra space for family members to recuperate and quarantine when they’ve been exposed to contagious disease. Instead of being restricted to a single room and having to sanitize surfaces whenever the patient uses the bathroom or kitchen, you can give them their own safe space in which to heal and recover without the risk of getting anyone else sick. 

    ADU DIGGS- The Best ADUs For Glendale Homes

    ADU DIGGS is your Glendale ADU expert. We create gorgeous architectural Backyard Homes (ADU) for an affordable price. Our designs blend with our older homes and we emphasize indoor/outdoor living and eco-friendly design. We deliver white-glove, all-in construction and finish, either as a prefab or site-built experience. Stand-alone architectural plans are available for the intrepid DIYer.

    Whether you are actively shopping for an ADU solution or just researching your options, schedule your free consultation today. We’ll help you understand what is possible. Click Here To Schedule a Chat.

    **by Anne Sisk

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