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    Aging In Place: Remain the CEO in your own life

    Aging In Place: Remain the CEO in your own life

    Your housing needs can change as you age. How do you plan ahead so that you always remain the CEO of your own life? What are your housing options? How will you pay for it? How do you retain control of your housing choices?

    Join DIGGS for an afternoon of empowerment. Our guest speakers will help you determine what you need to do to prepare for the difficult side of aging and the steps to take so you keep control over the process.

    Moderated by Deputy District Attorney Ryann Jorban from the Consumer Protection Division of LA County District Attorney’s Office.

    Guest Speakers:

    Kal Balian Antoun Mortgage Advisor, CLA, RM Specialist

    John Thompson, Mortgage Advisor, CLA, CRMP


    District Attorney Resources for Seniors: http://da.lacounty.gov/seniors

    Make great decisions on where you will age in place! Is your current home multi-story or maintenance-intensive for the home or the land?

    The assistance you might need to stay in your home:

    • Light assistance in the home, meal planning, meal prep, housekeeping
    • Heavier assistance could involve a health advocate

    Modifications for the home

    • Grab bars or remodel the home for wheelchair access

    Hired Fiduciary

    • A professional that is legally required to look out for your interests (like a daughter for hire!)
    • Go to doctors appointments and make sure the questions are asked and the rates/care is as needed.

    Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

    • House in home health care professionals or extended family can help you age in place

    Stuff Management – don’t let it stop you from living your best life








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