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    ADU – Everything You Need To Know

    ADU – Everything You Need To Know

    It Seems Like Everyone Wants An ADU

    Many people will convert an existing garage into an ADU and a few others might add on to the existing home. The best option, however, is an ADU addition that is completely separate from the main structure. This type of ADU gives you maximum options for future use as well as maximum investment value.

    What Is A Prefab ADU?

    Prefab ADUs are exploding in popularity. Most of the construction process happens in a controlled factory setting, making the ADUs predictable in quality, much faster and more convenient to install, and almost completely finished – it’s like pressing the easy button for ADUs!!

    A prefab unit can be installed in weeks (in normal times), while traditional construction can take 8 months to over a year to complete. That is a lot of time for mistakes, delays, disasters, and simple bad luck.

    Bonus: Get a Prefab ADU

    ADU DIGGS – Designed For Established Neighborhoods

    DIGGS joined forces with powerhouse local architect amkStudio and Rhino Construction to develop the prefab ADU missing from today’s market. Our ADU was designed from the start to fit in with our 1930’s and 1940’s architecture.


    Most people start with two really big questions – how much does an ADU cost and is there enough room in my yard to add one?

    The cost of an ADU is highly variable- at least in part because there is no standard on what is included in the advertised price. Therefore it is easy to find ADUs advertised for less than $50,000 and a seemingly similar unit might “list” for over $250,000.

    A high-quality one-bedroom ADU fully installed and finished will run approximately $230,000 – $280,000 depending on the complexity of your yard. Pay attention to how the ADU will function and enhance your property more than the “price per square foot”.

    And that leads to your second big question. Will an ADU fit in your yard? There is no standard answer for this. Topography, your existing home, other structures in your yard, and trees all factor into the “will it fit” question. We have fit into lots as small as 3500 SF!

    The fastest and easiest way to tell is to click over to our ADUDIGGS.com site and fill out a “Does My Yard Qualify” form. Each request is personally handled by an ADU expert (not some call center or automated computer). We look forward to helping you out!


    Glendale CA ADU – Updated December 2020

    1. ADUs can be added to SFR, Multi-Unit properties, and HOA controlled properties.
    2. The ADU can be an addition, a separate building, or a garage conversion.
    3. An ADU can be up to 850sf or up to 1,000 SF if more than one bedroom. (New construction limit is 800 SF)
    4. It must include a bathroom, kitchen, separate entrance, and hooked up to utilities.
    5. A Junior ADU is also allowed. A JADU is part of the main structure or ADU and shares a common bath.
    6. Permit fees are between $9,000 – $13,000 plus $2,348 covenant fee. Units under 750 SF are exempt from any Development Impact Fee.
    7. Parking- not required if you are 1/2 mile of public transportation or in a historic district
    8. Fire sprinklers are required if they are required on the main structure.
    9. The ADU will have a separate address
    10. Separate utility meters are not required.
    11. Relevant zoning restrictions apply for maximum floor space and lot coverage. Exemptions and waivers may be obtained.
    12. You do not need to live there unless there is a Junior ADU.
    13. You may not sell the ADU separately from the primary home,
    14. The ADU design must be architecturally compatible with the existing home, especially in a historic neighborhood.
    15. You may not add an ADU as a second story over a garage. You may not build a two-story ADU.

    Glendale CA ADUs are a hot topic. Have you heard the buzz?  California passed a law that makes ADU legal everywhere in California.

    Which begs the question…

    What the heck is an ADU and why should I care?

    (the following quotes come from a Memorandum published by the California Department of Housing and Community Development )

    An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a secondary dwelling unit with complete independent living facilities for one or more persons – California Department of Housing and Community Development

    Translation- if you own a home in a neighborhood zoned for single family homes you can add a unit that is independent living space. A space that could be lived in by “other than the homeowner”.

    If you already HAVE an unpermitted guest unit, bonus room or converted garage- this law might allow you to make the space legal and permitted Glendale CA ADU!

    Do you have a home with an ADU or possible ADU? Hire DIGGS to get top dollar.

    Why do we need this?!

    Our housing shortage is critical. We are not adding enough new housing to meet the demand and lack of housing has all sort of consequences that will eventually erode every aspect of our lifestyle if not addressed.

    A UC Berkeley study noted that one unit of affordable housing in the Bay Area costs about $500,000 to develop whereas an ADU can range anywhere up to $200,000 on the expensive end in high housing cost areas

    Allowing homeowners to add a Glendale CA ADU is an easier and more cost-effective way to add much-needed housing.

    Who are we looking to house?

    ADUs are a unique opportunity to address a variety of housing needs and provide affordable housing options for family members, friends, students, the elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled, and others.

    No one is expecting Glendale CA ADU’s to solve homelessness or house society’s unwanted. But, we all know families torn apart, physically, because affordable options for our young adults or aging relatives are not available.

    What if I want an ADU?

    This is a controversial law. It is statewide and was intended to supersede any existing local laws… but cities are racing to pass new laws in order to preserve their status quo.

    Anyone who wants to add an accessory dwelling unit OR legalize an existing unit needs to get clarification on what is, and is not, allowable.

    The waters are murky, at best, but DIGGS is here to help.

    The City of Glendale CA ADU policies and regulations were updated in early 2018.

    Find out what is possible. Ask questions about your specific situation. Explore legalizing your existing space!

    Are you looking for a home with ADU possibilities? Work with DIGGS.

    We are not here to debate

    We know this is a controversial issue. Intelligent and well-reasoned opinions exist both for and against the ADU law.

    However, we are not here to debate that issue right now. We are neither for or against the ADU law- we are here to help our community navigate the waters as they exist right now.

    If you have strong feelings and opinions about this subject and wish to effect change- we respect you, but this is not the place.


    Last month DIGGS hosted an informative workshop on Accessory Dwelling Units in the Los Angeles area. We invited local architects and ADU experts Arlene Edjourian and Javier Mariscal to present the basics of ADUs to our community. The response to their presentation was overwhelmingly positive and the workshop attendees were able to get their questions answered in a one-on-one discussion session after the presentation.

    Besides detailing the rules and regulations within each community that DIGGS serves, Arlene and Javier went over the reasons that an ADU might be a good option for a homeowner, and the steps needed to bring your project from imagination to completion.




    If you weren’t able to make it to the event, or need a refresher. Here is the complete presentation from Arlene and Javier.

    Ready to work with a  Top Glendale Ca Broker?

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