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    Guide To Finding The Best Places To Retire

    Glendale Ca homeowners ask me all the time, “Where is the Best Place To Retire?”.Is it crazy to think a local REALTOR in each area might be the best source of information?

    Below is a list of all the REALTORS I have interviewed to find out more about their neck of the woods. These are top professionals that I personally know- each one a complete expert in their area and focused on supreme customer experience.

    Information About The Best Place To Retire

    I have a consistent set of questions for each guest. Finding the best place to retire is as much about finances and expenses as it is feeling”at home” in a new area.

    • What does a “middle class” home look like?
    • What does a “middle class” home cost?
    • What does a “middle class” neighborhood look like?
    • What are utility costs like? Do you use a lot of heat? Air Conditioning?
    • What about other costs of living? For example, what does a gallon of gas cost?
    • What is your weather REALLY like?
    • What natural disasters are common in your area?
    • Tell me about transportation. How close are the airports? What does your public transit look like? Is your area walkable?
    • What are the major industries or employers in your area?
    • What do people like to do for fun?
    • What do people believe in?
    • Tell me about the diversity in your area.
    • What is changing in your area right now?
    • Let’s talk about taxes. Property Tax? State Income Tax? Special Taxes?
    • Second Career – business friendly for entreprneurs? Employment? Artist culture?
    • Issues you think a Californian might need to know

    Choosing the best place to retire isn’t about just one factoid, it is a whole bunch of little things both universal and personal.

    Personal Factors To Consider

    Identifying your best place to retire involves understanding your personal priorities. Here are some good questions to ask yourself.

    • Do you need to already know some people in your new area?
    • What hobbies or interests do you have?
    • What hobbies or interests do you want to develop?
    • What are your healthcare resources? What are your healthcare needs?
    • Do you want/need Senior Services in your new area?
    • Will you want to travel? How often?
    • Do you want lots of land and privacy or do you want a vibrant urban experience?
    • Do you want a second career or occupation?
    • Will you entertain houseguests frequently?


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