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    Mid Century Homes in Glendale and The Foothills

    Mid Century Homes in Glendale and The Foothills

    Mid Century Homes in Glendale and the Foothills

    Mid Century home enthusiasts are special. They are dreamers, artists, and rebels who stick up for the underdogs and champion great causes. Peace, privacy, community and connection and important values. They don’t shut nature out, they blur the line between inside and out with walls and doors made of glass, interior atriums and by using natural wood and stone as building materials.

    Glendale, La Crescenta and the Foothills of Los Angeles enjoy rich Mid Century culture with original Neutra, Lautner and Quincy Jones homes. We also are home to Webster Wiley, a Glendale native and minor celebrity among Mid Century architects and developers. Wiley is best known for the Pinecrest development in La Crescenta. We are especially fond of his Atrium Model in that neighborhood. DIGGS is located next door to the original Webster Wiley office!

    Neighborhoods for Mid Century Homes

    Cool homes are in every corner of Glendale and the Foothill communities, but there are neighborhoods that have more than their fair share. Here are a few “hot spots” and what you can expect to find.

    Pinecrest, La Crescenta

    In 1960 Web Wiley developed a 1000 home track at the top of La Crescenta Ave. The self-taught architectural designer created four floorplans; three are reminiscent of the split level Brady Bunch style and one borrows from Mid Century master Joseph Eichler.

    This Mid Century Atrium Home style is in demand right now because of the open floor plan, walls of glass, large entry atrium and one level living.

    Whiting Woods, North Glendale

    Whiting Woods is located off Honolulu at Whiting Woods Rd. This very special enclave filled with homes nestled into the folds of hills on private and nature filled lots.

    A few of these homes are Mid Century homes from notable mid century architects like Neutra and Lautner. The Schaeffer home is located here as well as at least two Neutras and a Quincy Jones.

    Sycamore Woods, North Glendale

    Just down the road is Sycamore Woods, an equally small and magical neighborhood located off La Crescenta Ave and Sycamore. Enthusiasts built homes influenced by mid century modern style in this contained, flat neighborhood.

    Oakmont Woods, North Glendale

    Many of the homes in this development are shingle sided traditional, but not all. A few models have the open floor plan and connection to outdoor living valued in Mid Century Homes.

    Chevy Chase Canyon, Glendale

    Quincy Jones built a few mid-century modern homes in the development alongside Chevy Chase Country Club, but the best Mid Century Modern homes are found along Buckingham Dr.

    La Canada

    There is a small neighborhood in La Canada at the top of Gould Ave filled with delicious post and beam Mid Century Homes. You can also find them in the old Flintridge part of town, scattered on streets like Inverness, St. Katherine and Hampsted.

    Adams Hill, South Glendale

    All sorts of interesting and quirky mid-century homes are found in Glendale’s Adams Hill neighborhood. I have found post and beam, MCM, Modern and even a charming atrium model. Some had stunning city views while one had a view of Forest Lawn. Eclectic is certainly the word for Cool and funky Adams Hill.

    Seven Hills, Tujunga

    Way up at the top of Commonwealth Ave is Seven Hills development in Tujunga. These open floor plan concept homes are maybe more of a suggestion of a mid-century home than a home for a purist, but the aesthetic is certainly there.

    Crystal View, Tujunga

    If you take Elmhurst off Tujunga Canyon Rd. or Haines Canyon Ave. off Foothill you’ll wind up at Crystal View, one of the most storied neighborhoods in Tujunga. Their mid century homes are more ranch style with a long rectangular room built long the back of the home, facing the yard (that typically has a pool) that is divided by a double-sided feature fireplace with floating hearth.



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