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    Mid Century Homes For Sale

    Mid Century Homes For Sale

    What Is A Mid Century Home?

    1. Most Mid Century Homes were built between 1947 – 1955, but there are notable examples dating between 1955 – 1968
    2. Architectural hallmarks include sleek, minimalist exteriors, flat or low pitched roofs, and a floor plan oriented on the backyard
    3. Open floor plans and one-level living create a more casual Mid Century lifestyle.
    4. Multiple exterior doors and walls of glass emphasize indoor/outdoor living.

    What Makes a Mid Century Home?

    Mid Century design emphasizes the connection to nature and the outdoors, clean, minimalistic lines, and an open floor plan oriented on the backyard. A Mid Century home is a private refuge from public life.

    Open Floor Plan

    An open floor plan was revolutionary in the 1950’s. Traditional floor plans separated the spaces for the menfolk away from the rest of domestic life.

    An open floor plan was the sign of a move toward integration of the sexes as well as a relaxing of stuffy traditions inherited from the Victorian age.

    Orientation on the Backyard

    This is another revolutionary innovation because traditional homes placed a priority on putting your best face forward to the community. Front doors were impressive, front porches were a place to see and be seen, and picture windows allowed a glimpse of the prosperity within.

    The Mid Century home, however, almost literally turns it’s back on the public street. The front of a Mid Century home is often sleek and minimalist with no windows while floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors open to the backyard.

    Connection To Nature

    A classic Mid Century home blurs the lines between inside and outside spaces. Large windows and multiple exterior doors invited residents to flow inside or out as whim and weather allowed. In fact, the same materials used inside often continued on the other side of the window. It feels as if that wall of glass didn’t exist.

    Designers used materials found in the local area as another way to draw nature indoors. Natural wood paneling, exposed wood ceilings and beems, field stone fireplaces and stone, concrete or cork floors were all completely new ideas in home design.

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