Character Homes in Glendale and Beyond

What is a character home?

  1. Emphasize style and aesthetics, not just functionality
  2. Typically built before 1945
  3. Are often built as part of the first developments in a new city. Developers would advertise their new communities as ideal places to live and used architecture to attract families to take a chance in a new area.
  4. Enjoying a resurgence in popularity as people leave the suburbs and return to urban core neighborhoods.

Character homes are as unique and wonderful as the people who choose to live in them. They are the Cool Homes for our Cool People!!

There is a specific soul and personality to these homes that is the opposite of cookie-cutter tract housing. In Glendale Ca these homes were often built in the 1930’s and borrowed from Spanish, English and French architectural traditions. We are lucky to have a few Mid Century and Craftsman homes as well.

Homes built after 1940 can also have character. Post and Beam Mid Century homes were built between 1950 and 1960 and Hollywood Regency and Mid-Mods were often built in the 1960’s to early 1970’s.

But it is impossible to define a character home by describing a physical attribute. Each one looks and feels distinctly different from any other because it has a soul. Each one is as unique as the human beings that lived in them.

It takes time for the soul to develop

Homes develop soul and character over time.  They often reflect the lifestyles of a bygone age – Victorian formality, European romance or Mid Century optimism.

Skilled craftsmen added architectural elements like arches made of plaster, inlaid details in the hardwood floor, wedding cake flourishes to plaster walls and stamped and hand colored details to magnesite floors, staircases and walls.

Character Neighborhoods

Glendale Ca has many neighborhoods filled with character homes. From Cumberland Heights to Royal Canyon all the way over to Whiting Woods, there is a magical quality that fills the tree-lined streets. Many of these homes are now historic districts with rules designed to preserve the architectural quality and history of the neighborhood. Many individual homes in these districts have Mills Act designation for their historic or architectural significance.

Glendale Ca lists all of the designated historic neighborhoods on their website.

Examples of Character Homes

Character Homes For Sale

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