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    Spanish Home with ADU

    6 Reasons Why You Should Add an ADU to Your Property

    An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a distinct living unit that’s added to a piece of property with pre-existing living quarters, such as a single-family residence, a multi-family apartment or condo building, or another kind of residence. ...

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    ADU DIGGS Casita

    ADU – Everything You Need To Know

    It Seems Like Everyone Wants An ADU Many people will convert an existing garage into an ADU and a few others might add on to the existing home. The best option, however, is an ADU addition that is completely separate from the main structure. T...

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    Aging In Place: Remain the CEO in your own life

    Your housing needs can change as you age. How do you plan ahead so that you always remain the CEO of your own life? What are your housing options? How will you pay for it? How do you retain control of your housing choices? Join DIGGS for an ...

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    New App Makes ADU Process Easier

    Building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit or "Granny Flat") is still complicated for your Glendale Ca home. However, if your home is in Los Angeles and LA County you are in luck. Los Angeles wants homeowners to add ADUs and is making it dead sim...

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