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    Proposition 19 Impact

    Proposition 19 Impact on 55+ Homeowners

    Proposition 19 makes it easier for older homeowners to transfer their current property tax to a replacement home. We are excited because this removes a huge barrier for our "senior" clients who want a home better suited to their current lifesty...

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    ADU DIGGS Casita

    ADU – Everything You Need To Know

    It Seems Like Everyone Wants An ADU Many people will convert an existing garage into an ADU and a few others might add on to the existing home. The best option, however, is an ADU addition that is completely separate from the main structure. T...

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    Estate Sales in Glendale

    Estate Sales – How Do They Work?

    An estate salesperson helps you to empty a home of all the contents; the good, bad, valuable and every day items. The evaluate, arrange for display, advertise and run a professional garage sale. When everything is done the home is empty and the...

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    Ultimate Guide to Downsizing Your Home

    The Ultimate Guide To Downsize Your Home

    Congratulations! You are ready to downsize your home! When you last bought you had schools, commute, and community to think about. You needed space for toys and hobbies, birthday parties and barbeques. Life is different now. When you downsiz...

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    Where to move to

    Where To Move To After You Downsize

    You already read our Ultimate Guide To Downsizing Your Home, and now you are ready for the next question, where should you move after you finish downsizing? Perhaps you feel you could live anywhere, what about the practicalities of LIVING? I ...

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    What Downsizing Buyers Need To Know

    10 Things Downsizing Buyers Need To Know

    Congratulations!! Downsizing is within your grasp - the kids have moved out and you are free... FREE!!! Your priorities have changed from when you bought this home. What would change if you moved to a different home? Could you travel more, h...

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    downsizing your home

    Downsizing Your Home – A Panel Of Experts

    It's tough to think about downsizing your home. You've been happy and comfortable in your home, it's filled with happy memories. But you long for a different lifestyle. Maybe you want more financial freedom or less maintenance. We think abou...

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    how to choose a good contractor

    Podcast Ep. 4 – Simplify Your Life by Organizing!

    Lots of us would like to live differently than we currently do. We'd like a more convenient home- one story or smaller yard or, maybe even a "close it up and travel" sort of home. We dream about this easier lifestyle, but we never take a...

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    5 Ways To Know If You're Ready To Sell

    5 Ways To Know If You Are Ready To Sell Your Home

    How do you know if you are ready to sell your home? Knowing when you are ready to sell your home is not an easy thing. Ten years. That’s the average amount of time a homeowner stays in a house, according to the National Association of Realto...

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    Top Destinations For Glendale CA Homeowners

    Our friends are moving. They are leaving their cramped and dated two bedroom townhouse and moving to a 10 year old home with 3600 square foot of living space, and a third of an acre of blissful, peaceful, land. The previous owner even threw in ...

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    Transfer Your Property Tax with Prop 60/90

    Transfer Your (Low) Property Tax To A New Home

    **Update** Proposition 19 would great expand a 55+ homeowners flexibility and is on the ballot in 2020. Read about the details: Proposition 19 Impact on the 55+ Homeowner Transfer your property tax to a new downsize home using California Pro...

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