14340 Irving Sold Story

Sold Story – 1430 Irving Ave.

The mechanics of a home sale are pretty straightforward – it is why there are so many real estate agents. But the agents who succeed pay attention to a lot more than just those nuts and bolts. They pay attention to their clients. Most people buy or sell for a […] Read more »

affordable homes near metrolink

Affordable Homes Near Metrolink Train Stations

Find affordable homes available near Metrolink train stations here! You probably thought about buying a home. Interest rates are ridiculously low and it would be terrible to let them pass without buying a home, right?! But where can you find an affordable home? 😭 Prices in your neighborhood seem like […] Read more »

Glendale Real Estate Market Report 1/21

Real Estate Inventory And Market Report 2021

The real estate inventory is super low…. and it isn’t going to get better any time soon. That is scary news for today’s homebuyers. My favorite real estate data geek is Mike from Altos Research. His data is accurate and understandable and he speaks English, not crazy MBA speak. The […] Read more »

COVID Effect On Real Estate

The COVID Effect On Real Estate

What is the COVID effect on real estate in 2021? It affected everything, especially our assumptions about where we have to live because of our jobs. Remote work is either the best thing to happen to humankind or…? Remote work isn’t the only trend influencing the real estate market. Let’s […] Read more »

Earthquake Retrofit

Is Earthquake Retrofit Necessary?

“Emilia” called me in a red hot panic. The Boston native wondered if her 1925 La Crescenta home with a partial river rock foundation needed earthquake retrofit. The last earthquake unnerved her and she had called out a foundation specialist for a foundation retrofit estimate. The recommendation was shocking- an […] Read more »

Proposition 19 Impact

Proposition 19 Impact on 55+ Homeowners

Proposition 19 makes it easier for older home owners to transfer their current property tax to a replacement home. We are excited because this removes a huge barrier for our “senior” clients who want a home better suited to their currant lifestyle. It also helps lubricate the housing log jam […] Read more »

La Crescenta home for sale

Cool Home Crush – La Crescenta Rock House

The Rock House in La Crescenta This is the coolest La Crescenta home for sale today….  the Rock House on Gertrude is available!!! Natives sometimes refer to La Crescenta as Rock Crescenta because we are built on the side of a mountain and our yards are filled with rocks. The […] Read more »

Craftsman Bungalow Normandie Heights Pasadena

Cool Home Crush – Craftsman Bungalow, Normandie Heights, Pasadena

Craftsman Bungalow in Pasadena This Craftsman Bungalow at 728 E.Howard Street. is filled with soul and nostalgia. It’s located in Normandie Heights – a charming slightly rural neighborhood just west of Lake Ave. Do you know the Westminster Presbyterian Church at Lake and Woodbury? You know, the church with the […] Read more »

Luxury compound Los Angeles

Cool Home Crush – Multi Home Estate Franklin Hills

Multi Home Estate In Franklin Hills Have you ever dreamed of your own multi home estate in the hills of Los Angeles. Now is your chance. The John A. Pelt Residence on 2131 Lyric Ave. has been the subject of MUCH speculation amongst me and my school-mates back in the […] Read more »

Spanish Revial home in Rossmoyne Glendale Ca

Cool Home Crush – Spanish Revival in Rossmoyne Historic

Spanish Revival In Rossmoyne Historic Neighborhood Historic Rossmoyne is hot, hot, hot these days!!  There are TWO homes available for sale, but only one is entertainment ready. 1315 Rossmoyne Ave. is dreamy two story Spanish Revival with a large front courtyard (complete with fountain and loggia entry!). Rossmoyne Ave. is […] Read more »

Kitchen Remodel Tips

Kitchen Remodel – Advice From The DIGGS Tribe

Do you wish someone would share everything they learned when they remodeled their kitchen? We are all spending more time in our homes, and that means more time in the kitchen! Some of you are fed up and are ready to buy a home with a floorplan, size or location […] Read more »