1981 San Pascual

Cool Home Crush – 1981 San Pasqual St, Pasadena

Today’s cool home crush is a stunning Spanish Style Home at 1981 San Pasqual Ave. and it is an achingly beautiful and renovated Spanish Home located in Pasadena’s Cal Tech neighborhood. Here are the agent’s remarks: The E. Lawrence Brown House, built in 1928 by noted Architect, Harold J. Bissner, […] Read more »

Local Coronavirus Resources [Updated 3/20/20]

I’ve been seeing a ton of free resources being offered to help us all get through this stressful time. I will update this page as often as I find new sites, offers and information. Money Matters SBA Disaster Assistance Loan Application (SBA) Bank of America allows a pause on mortgage […] Read more »

Coronavirus Impact on Glendale Real Estate

Coronavirus Impact on Glendale Real Estate [Updated 3/24/20]

How Will Coronavirus Impact Real Estate in Glendale? [Updated 3/27/20] You have real estate questions – we have answers. Join us on our Virtual Town Hall Meeting on April 2, 2020 at 7 PM: If you are familiar with Zoom, here is the meeting info: Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/805118173 Before […] Read more »

Shop for a mortgage

The Definitive Guide On How To Shop For A Mortgage

The smart home buyer wants to know how to shop for the best mortgage to finance their home purchase. They suspect there are a lot of moving parts and a mistake that could cost big money right away and for years to come. How do you analyze all the little […] Read more »

Buyer Closing Costs

Buyer Closing Costs in Glendale Explained

The home buyer’s closing costs vary depending on where they buy a home. While everything is negotiable, there are accepted standards in each area of which fees are paid by the buyer and which are paid by the seller. It is often easier to negotiate the sales price than it […] Read more »

10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer's Agent

10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer’s Agent [Bonus Video]

Why should you hire a Buyer’s Agent? After all, you might think it is easier and better to work directly with the listing agent of a home. Under ideal circumstances, you are not wrong – but can you count on everything being ideal at every point? Why should you hire […] Read more »

Mid Century Condo Pasadena

Cool Home Crush – A Rad Mid Century Condo

You know we are Mad for Mid Century at DIGGS. Did you know that Pasadena has interesting and cool Mid Century condo complexes?  This week’s Cool Home Crush is located on San Paquel just off Pasadena’s super cool South Lake District. This Lionel Mayell designed and built complex is so […] Read more »

Organization Hacks for Character Home

Organization Hacks For Character And Historic Homes

You need some serious organization hacks if you live in a character or historic home. Life was clearly very different “back then”. It is hard to fit a modern life into a home built before 1940. Closets were smaller, backyards were an after-thought and garages were designed for teeny tiny […] Read more »

Saving for a down payment

9 Ways To Get A Down Payment On A House

It seems impossible to get enough money for a down payment on a house. It is the most common barrier to the Great American Dream of homeownership. In spite of this, every year we help buyers buy their first home. We have learned a lot about how buyers accumulate a […] Read more »

The Value of Home Staging

Do I Have To Stage My Home? (Video)

You are getting your home ready for sale and you want to know, is staging worth it? It’s a lot of time money and hassle and you want to know if it will pay off. You are getting your home ready for sale and you want to know, is staging […] Read more »