Mid Century Homes in Glendale Ca

There are Mid Century home gems scattered throughout Glendale CA. From the Lautner compound purchased by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in La Crescenta to the Schaffer House in Whiting Woods by Neutra, there are mid-century homes for every taste style and budget.

Cool Home Crush – La Cañada Atrium Home

La Canada has some of the coolest Mid Century Homes for sale in the Glendale, La Crescenta/Montrose, La Canada area. This new listing on Ocean View caught my eye as a great option for one of our DIGGS buyer clients but, sadly, it is not large enough!  It is a Webb […] Read more »

3525 El Lado Dr. Glendale, Ca itech mls 18303880

Cool Home Crush – Mid Century Before and After

This is a Transformation Story of a well-loved (but dated and tired) post and beam Mid Century home in Glendale- specifically, the magical Whiting Woods. Long time readers of our La Crescenta Neighborhood Guide know that Whiting Woods is one the areas most loved neighborhoods. When the current owners found […] Read more »

2869 Sycamore Ave, Glendale Ca

Cool Home Crush – Mid Mod in Sycamore Woods

If you’ve visited our La Crescenta Neighborhood Guide you already know that Sycamore Woods is one of our favorite neighborhoods. This Sycamore Woods beauty is called a “Fab Fifties Ranch Refined”- and it really is. We are mad for the exposed wood ceilings and the indirect lighting in the living […] Read more »

Mid Century Modern in Pasadena

Cool Home Crush – Mid Century in Pasadena

This is a stunning post and beam Mid Century Modern home in Pasadena Ca that has two separate atriums in the home! This one is located in the San Rafael / Linda Vista area. We have design challenges with just ONE atrium, figuring out how to properly utilize two give […] Read more »

Mid Century home in Sunland/Tujunga

Cool Home Crush – Mid Mod in Sunland / Tujunga

There is a new Mid Mod home on the market in the upper reaches of Tujunga. The long low lines of this home and the inside/outside nature of the entry are classic Mid-Mod, listed at $799,000 The real deal about this home, however, is the amazing lot. Over 27,000 of […] Read more »

Mid Century Atrium Home

Cool Home Crush – Mid Century in Pinecrest

The Mid Century Home with Atrium model in La Crescenta’s Pinecrest development is super cool- and tragically misunderstood. I’ve seen them used as oversized shoe rooms, kid toy storage rooms and dead plant graveyards. We are huge fans of all things Mid Century Homes and I thought I would kick […] Read more »

Eagle Rock Neutra Recreation Center

Mid-century architect Richard Neutra is most know for his residential designs but this amazing public work happens to be the Recreation Center at Eagle Rock Park. Neutra, one of the most important modernist architects was born in Vienna in 1892 and studied extensively in Europe. He came to the US […] Read more »

Itech MLS Pick of The Week – Altadena Mid Century

This pristine Mid Century post and beam in Altadena, Ca will inspire architectural purists everywhere. Here are the thoughtful marketing remarks from the listing agent: My heart skipped when I first entered to find this preserved 1952 Post and Beam home on a small quiet street near the top of […] Read more »

Mid Century in San Rafael / Linda Vista

Cool Home Crush – Pasadena Mid Century

Pasadena steals the heart of another Glendale CA home lover.   Here are the thoughtful marketing remarks from the listing agent: This Contemporary-styled Mid-Century home was originally built in 1957 and renovated by Architects Rodney Ross/Deborah Rachlin of Pasadena. Located in the prestigious 91105 San Rafael area of Pasadena, this […] Read more »