Family Centric Social Media for Fun And Profit

We had an awesome pop-up event on Sunday for the Glendale Tech Week. We teamed up with the “force of nature” crew of the OC Mommies Blog to educate people on creating a fun and profitable social media business that is family-centric. I did a short talk on how to […] Read more »

Ten Top Trends Affecting Indie Brokers

I had a blast moderating Inman News Indie Broker Summit last month in San Francisco. 500 or so owners of independent real estate companies from across the globe were there for an entire day to learn from experts and peers. I opened the session with a presentation about the Top Ten Trends […] Read more »

Inman Innovator Award

DIGGS Nominated Most Innovative Brokerage by Inman News

DIGGS, a Glendale CA real estate company, and Kendyl Young (owner/broker) are finalists for the 2018 Innovator Award by Inman News, a global real estate industry news organization. They are the visionaries, the forward-thinking, the stubborn, the tinkerers, the obsessed, the tech-savvy and the creative minds always testing boundaries. They […] Read more »

Meet Steve O’Bryan

I am super excited to bring back the super cool photography of Steve O’Bryan. We are having our reception to celebrate his art and all DIGGS proceeds from the sales will benefit the Dad’s Club Robotics Team. Steve’s photography is arresting. He considers himself a “street photographer” which means he […] Read more »

Welcome to DIGGS New Agent Sales Training! Starting a real estate career is hard and the sales training available for new agents is old fashioned. Most programs focus on manipulative sales tactics that cement our salesperson reputation as untrustworthy. People want a Realtor they can trust. Developing new Starting a real estate career is […] Read more »

“Real” Real Estate Sales Training

I’ve had a lifetime of sales training.  I started in 1985 with Proctor and Gamble sales training and have paid for continuous sales training nearly every day of my professional life. I might be one of the most trained real estate sales people out there. Are you a new real […] Read more »

How a Planeswalker became a Skilled Realtor

Jake Lindauer has a few hobbies. He golfs, he bakes and he makes delicious homemade ice cream. One hobby in particular makes him a savvy Realtor. Jake plays Magic the Gathering, and he’s pretty good. For the uninitiated, Magic the Gathering is a trading card game that pits two or […] Read more »

Why DIGGS Exists

Why Does DIGGS Exist?

Recently I was asked why I created DIGGS. Real estate brokerages are a dime a dozen and, aside from the name,  it’s hard for the consumer to tell them apart. Here is my short answer: Recently I was asked why I created DIGGS. Real estate brokerages are a dime a […] Read more »

Words Matter

  How often do we take words for granted? How often do we say what is in our heads with no thought for how the message is received? The gap between your thought and their reception can be huge- friendships are destroyed, marriages fall apart and wars are fought in […] Read more »

Kendyl and Adidas Shoes

Lessons Learned From A Great Pair of Shoes

I went to DSW Warehouse today. If you have never visited this store you should plan a trip, soon. It is a huge open space filled with row after row of every imaginable shoe style. I often go just to see the outrageous shoes other women might wear. Today I […] Read more »

Renters Are People Too

What is the super important stuff that renters need to know? Last week on DIGGS Live, we talked to Alissa Hellman of Bamboo Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina about just that. Diggs has a brand new pay-what-you-want program, DIGGS Rents, specifically for renters. Here are the important highlights from last week’s […] Read more »