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    Renters Are People Too

    Renters Are People Too

    What is the super important stuff that renters need to know? Last week on DIGGS Live, we talked to Alissa Hellman of Bamboo Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina about just that. Diggs has a brand new pay-what-you-want program, DIGGS Rents, specifically for renters.

    Here are the important highlights from last week’s show:

    -Agents can help you find the best deals.
    When you use an agent, you have somebody representing your best interest. And we can help you understand the information in the context of the big picture. Maybe a property offering a free month will reduce your yearly expenditure significantly.

    -Hunting down rentals on your own can take up a lot of time and create a lot of frustration.
    Many times, when an individual calls a building or a manager, they won’t receive a return call. Or they may only be given information for a single listing instead of several that may fit their parameters. Agents can get the information you need and even information about listings that aren’t widely available to the public.

    -How do you get the rental you really, really want?
    Part of the DIGGS Rents program includes helping you prepare to enter the competitive rental market. Our agents and website will frequently share advice on how things like monthly income, credit scores, and rental history can put you in the best position to get the home you want. Also, we’ll let you know when it’s not worth it to waste money on a rental application that you aren’t a top candidate for.

    -Relocating or looking in a new hood?
    If you don’t live in a specific area and are moving to a new neighborhood, an agent can provide on the ground, local information, and a sense of what life is actually like living in that community, which is difficult to gather by yourself.

    -DIGGS wants to help you in every stage of the game.
    If eventually buying a home is part of your goal, then we can advise you on the best rental and financial strategy while we help you prepare to buy. At the same time, we can begin your hunt for a home to purchase.

    For more information, check out the whole episode and join us every Thursday at 3pm on Facebook Live.

    We also have this new, gorgeous lease listing coming up in La Canada. Take a peek!

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