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    “Real” Real Estate Sales Training

    “Real” Real Estate Sales Training

    I’ve had a lifetime of sales training.  I started in 1985 with Proctor and Gamble sales training and have paid for continuous sales training nearly every day of my professional life. I might be one of the most trained real estate sales people out there.

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    Lately, I’ve been questioning nearly everything I’ve been taught.  Take a listen.

    There is one immutable law in sales.  In order to make a sale, you have to talk to people.

    But many people are apprehensive to talk to you. Sales people do not enjoy a great reputation. The untrained ones verbally vomit over any prospect and the trained ones often utter logical, but manipulative feeling, sound bites.

    I was taught to ask questions that helped me “get” things- the appointment, contact data, permission to follow up, a decision, a contract.

    But that is rarely what the customer wants. They want information, validation, understanding, and a person they can trust.

    We should train our sales people to do that. We should train them to understand where each potential customer is emotionally and where they are in the process. We should help them communicate in a way that helps our customers to feel safe and in control.

    We believe this training makes better real estate agents, so that is what we are doing.

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