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    The Secret Winning Offers

    The Secret Winning Offers


    Are you tired of making offers on Glendale CA homes? Tired of losing out to all-cash buyers, or suspicious of backroom deals? Perhaps you are fearful that a better home will show up next week?

    You are tired because you are trying to control the actions of others. Seize control of the home buying process by taking control of your OWN actions.

    Follow my Mother’s advice

    My Mother was a Realtor. She was an old school, no-nonsense, stop your whining sort of Realtor. Her clients worshipped her.

    She used to say, “Do you want to make an offer on this home or do you want to buy it?

    There is a whole lot of wisdom packed into that question. The difference between those two options is night and day and the smart buyer is completely aware of the potential outcomes for each.

    Make an offer.

    This means you want to play the negotiation game. You’ll throw out an offer, maybe even up the price in a negotiation, but you are totally ok with walking away if things don’t go your way. This is the territory of smart business people and professional negotiators. It is what most buyers expect to be.

    The problem, of course, is that the new norm is the multiple offer situation. This means a traditional “give and take” negotiation is off the table and the chances of things going “the buyer’s way” is not high. Not a problem for the cold hearted business person…. but most buyers are surprised by how attached they become through the offering process.

    Buy the home.

    This phrase does not mean, “take leave of your common sense”. It means you are not trying to play a game.  Your offer is all about what you can pay for the home instead of how to beat the competition.

    This also means that you might pay more than the “market price” or even more than the anticipated appraisal price. You will offer the price you are willing to pay and you will have zero regrets if someone else gets the home.

    I am not advocating one approach over the other.

    I am just proposing that you are crystal clear on what you are doing. The normal buyer runs about town making offers.  They lose, often, and they are devastated, frustrated and often angry. I hear this phrase a million times- “I was willing to pay more, why didn’t I get that chance?”. They didn’t know there is another approach, “buy the home”

    “Buy the home” is easier to say than do. I have been through three complete boom/bust cycles. Helped hundreds and hundreds of buyers. There has never been a time when the price it took to “buy the home” didn’t make the stomach queasy. You need to know this is a normal feeling. From my perspective, it is an almost necessary feeling- buyers who refuse to be that uncomfortable almost never wind up buying a house. 

    If buying a home right now is the right thing for you to do, consider my advice.

    You can make an offer, or you can buy the house. They are two very different things. One can eventually lead to a house, but it might not be the right house. The other will most likely lead you to the right house, because “buy the home” only happens when the home is right.

    Sometimes you just need a trusted advisor

    Because you need just a little help to know when it is time to make an offer and when it is time to buy. Find out what a great Glendale CA agent can do to help you stop shopping and finally buy a home you love.

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