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Storybook homes and treelined streets – the perfect place for evening strolls or a game of catch at the park…

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Most people think of Rossmoyne as the relatively flat area they see between Mountain and Ethel St. This is an area filled with deeply beautiful character homes. Wide, straight boulevards have mature tree canopies and are lined with pristinely manicured and landscaped front yards.

While there are a lot of stately homes, there are also a good number of basic 3 bedroom homes with much charm and character.

There is rich history in the Rossmoyne – it is one of the first designated developments in the city of Glendale and it is a designated historic neighborhood. This means that the rich architectural heritage of the Rossmoyne is protected. The city commissioned a study into the history of the Rossmoyne (click text to view)


The people who live here tend to be educated and professional. Many are in the entertainment industry with creative jobs or professionals working in downtown LA, Glendale and Pasadena.