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    New Homeowner Checklist

    New Homeowner Checklist

    Congratulations! Closing escrow on you Glendale Ca home is about to happen and you need a new homeowner checklist!

    Here are the things you need to do to prepare for closing your transaction and moving in.

    Money Matters

    We are getting down to the “wire” on your home purchase. The most important items on your new homeowner checklist are related to money!

    Don’t eff up your mortgage loan approval! Did you know your lender checks everything just before they fund your loan? Yup – they make sure you still have your job, so don’t quit. They check your credit rating AND your outstanding balance, so hold off on buying those appliances and furniture. Unless you can pay cash. Cash is King. If there are any substantial changes your loan can be denied, right up to the last minute.

    Be ready to sign your loan documents. Your loan documents should be ready to review and sign 7 to 10 days prior to your scheduled close. Arrange for time off work or ask your escrow for a traveling notary to come to your home after hours or work. Pro Tip: DIGGS arranges this convenient service for all our clients, if needed, free of charge.

    If you get an email telling you where to wire your money IT’S A SCAM. The email will look extremely legitimate. It might even reference conversations you had in the past but don’t fall for it! Call your DIGGS agent or escrow officer to confirm your wiring instructions, in real time and in person.

    Arrange your services

    “Always be prepared” is the next category in our new homeowner checklist. Getting your ducks in a row before the close of escrow will save time and money!

    Insurance. You probably started shopping for your homeowner’s insurance the day your offer was accepted. Now is the time to finalize your selection and notify your escrow officer. They will make sure the insurance is in place by the close of escrow. Special Circumstances: If you are in a hazardous area for fire, flood or earthquake you may need Cal Fair Plan insurance. This can take longer than normal insurance to process, so be sure to nail that down early in the escrow process. Also, if you are planning extensive remodeling after the close you’ll need special vacant home coverage.

    Utilities Start the process before you close escrow. Tell the company when you want the utilities turned on, they will match it with the seller’s request to turn them off. Now is also a great time to start shopping for cable and internet services. The big question – which cable/internet company is the most reliable? I think they all stink, but local Facebook and NextDoor Neighbor groups love to trades anecdotes on who they love or hate. While you are at it, find out what day the trash service comes by.

    Home Improvements Hopefully you were able to get your home services people in to measure and give you written quotes.  Start nailing down the schedule and start dates now. It is easier to shift people by a few days if your close date is delayed then book everyone last minute. Pro Tip: check out the DIGGS Home Services Resources List.

    Get Ready To Move

    Moving is an exciting (and stressful) part of your new homeowner checklist. Here are some ways to decrease the stress.

    The Movers. Pre-book them based on your anticipated move date. Again, it is easier to shift around if the closing is delayed than it is to book last minute. Boxes are easy to get if you plan ahead. Scope out local gift shops and grocery stores for used boxes or ask local Facebook and NextDoor Neighbor groups for the boxes of people who just finished their move. BoxCity is a great resource for purchasing new boxes and packing material. Pro Tip: 21 Best Moving Hacks.

    Change of address – It’s a hassle, but it can’t be helped. Get a change of address card online here (official USPS site). Pro Tip: Start collecting any subscriptions or bills you receive for 30 days. These are the people you need to notify.

    Register for school – As soon as your contract is accepted you need to contact the local school district for registration details and deadlines.

    Close Of Escrow

    Final Walk ThroughGlendale Ca home buyers have the right to walk through the home just before the close of escrow to make sure everything is still the same as when they entered escrow. If you are lucky the seller might be there to tell you all the special quirks and oddities only a resident might know. But, it is not required.

    Get your final funds to escrow – Wire the balance of your down payment and closing costs to escrow one business days prior to your scheduled close.

    The last steps before the home is yours – escrow will send your completed loan package to the lender after they have triple checked that everything is complete before they will release the money, one business day before the recording. On recording day (also known as closing day) your title and escrow company work together to transfer the title to you and pay off all of the settlement charges. Escrow notifies all parties when this is complete and you will get your keys!

    Change the locks – This might be the most overlooked item on your new homeowner checklist! Changing the locks immediately is a good idea no matter how wonderful the last owners might have been. You have no idea who might have a key to the home!



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