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Can we call the elephant in the room? If you don’t already live here, I am going to guess that Glendale wasn’t your first choice city. I mean, I get it. We have never tried to be a marquee city like Pasadena and we have never been gritty (and now hip) like Highland Park or Downtown LA.

But, you’re checking us out now, so let me be the one to spring a lot of pleasant surprises on your head!

Top 5 Reasons People Love Living In Glendale

The Glendale location is incredible!

Glendale is close to everything, Downtown LA to the south, Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley to the east, Burbank and the Valley to the West and the fastest route to the Westside of LA during peak traffic starts at the north end of Glendale at the 210 and goes over the north rim of the valley.

Glendale is Super Safe

Sometimes we ignore how much crime happens in a gritty urban neighborhood, but we shouldn’t. Glendale consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the nation, per capita! This means your kids can have a little more freedom, you can feel better about walking about and you are less likely to encounter petty theft and vandalism. We aren’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.

Downtown Glendale is Happening

Downtown Glendale has had tremendous growth and energy in the last ten years.  It’s changed so much, Curbed LA named Glendale it’s Neighborhood of the Year. People are bustling, new restaurants are springing up and Glendale Library, Arts and Culture is doing an amazing job with the Neon Museum, Central Library, Antaeus Theater and The Alex.

Glendale City Services

City services is a totally under rated way to evaluate a new place to live!! But life is easier when the police show up or the electricity is both consistent and reasonably priced, right? Glendale has the best combination of great schools, responsive police and fire and city owned utilities that are quality and well priced.

Stuff To Do And See In Glendale

We’ve got game on the Stuff To Do front. Theaters, historic sites, amazing hikes and views, restaurants, and the world famous Neon Museum are all right here.

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Glendale Insider Intel

If you assume we are all about one culture or ethnicity you are missing the boat. City officials have invested years into developing Downtown Glendale into an 18 hour city where people can work, live, entertain and shop without ever getting into a car. We love the Neon Museum, Central Library and shopping at the Americana.

A relatively new focus is developing Glendale CA into a center for technology companies- we recently launched a $1,000,000 startup accelerator fund. We already have Service Titan occupying the former Nestle Campus at the north end of Downtown. This is big news for anyone interested in buying a Glendale Ca home.

But the big deal for those just getting to know Glendale CA is how easy it is to live here. Everything is more convenient than in our Big Urban neighbors.

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What We Love About Glendale

Dollar for dollar, we think living in a Glendale home beats our urban neighbors in almost every regard. We are safer, our schools are ranked higher and our Downtown got us Curbed LA’s Neighborhood of The Year. We have the shopping, the theater, amazing restaurants, the best Central Library and an interesting, diverse population.

Stuff We Don’t Love

It’s true. We have some really bad drivers. We have more than our fair share of drivers who think they are in a James Bond film every, freakin’ day. Be especially careful on the south end of Glendale Blvd. and around Hoover High school when school lets out.

Glendale Schools

The Glendale Unified School District is the envy of many. We have 26 California Distinguished Schools, 9 National Blue Ribbon Schools and 17 Title 1 Achieving Schools. We also have several Magnet Schools, Charter Schools and Language Immersion Schools that attract students from all over Southern California