ADUs are a hot topic in real estate today. Some homes in our ADU Collection already have an ADU. Others have ADU potential beyond just converting an existing garage.  If you are an ADU fan, bookmark this page and visit frequently!

What Makes An ADU Home?

  1. ADU is an acronym for Accessory Dwelling Unit – an inde
  2. An ADU home either already has an ADU, a second structure, or is a good candidate to add one.
  3. A good candidate has a flat lot, is located on a corner or the backyard is easily accessible.
  4. An existing garage can be converted or added on.
  5. Large homes can carve out existing space to create an ADU.

ADU Homes For Sale

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Why An ADU Makes Sense

Coronavirus has changed our lives forever and some of those changes manifest in the home.

Some of us may work from home for the foreseeable future, some feel the need to shelter grown children or elderly relatives. Some of us see an ADU as a possible second stream of income.


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