Welcome to Chevy Chase Canyon Glendale

Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale is the best place or nature seeking, tranquility loving people who still need to be close to civilization.


Chevy Chase Canyon Glendale is part of a series of canyon neighborhoods located on the eastern edge of Glendale.  Look along the mountain ridge that separates Glendale from La Canada and Pasadena. There are three separate canyon communities: Glenmore, Glenoaks, and Chevy Chase Canyon, all named for their main arterial road.


People who live in this Glendale Ca neighborhood LOVE the canyon lifestyle. They love being surrounded by nature: trees, hills, deer and red-tailed hawk are your constant companions, not an occasional treat. Living here it is hard to remember that downtown Glendale is just a moment away.

Chevy Chase Canyon Glendale tends to attract a mix of mature families and very young retirees and career-minded executives. Chevy Chase Country Club and Golf Course has been around forever, lending ambiance and amenities to the ever-eager population. Education and income tend to be on a higher-end, but this does not mean that prices are high.  Homes trend mostly on the contemporary side, but there are a number of architectural gems and character homes including a Lloyd Wright and a Gerard Colcord.

The Glenoaks Canyon has a very different demographic: with Glenoaks Elementary and the Glenoaks Park attracting lots of families with young kids.  These families mingle happily with seniors and singles alike.  This is a wide box canyon with lots of character homes on flat lots and at the far end, up into the hills, are the Scholl Canyon Golf, Tennis and lower Scholl Canyon Park.  The driving range has some of the best views in town.

Glenmore Canyon and College Hills round out the collection of neighborhoods in the Canyons.  These neighborhoods tend to bit a bit more mature than Glenoaks, but the density of tasteful character homes remains the same.  A number of these homes enjoy lovely city and mountain views as well as a great deal of privacy.


It might surprise you to know that lots of families choose the Canyon lifestyle, but walking to school is only practical in Glenoaks Canyon. The elementary aligned with Chevy Chase Canyon Glendale is Glenoaks Elementary, Woodrow Wilson is the middle school (A FLAG school for Armenian and Japanese languae immersion) and Glendale High School was recently named US News and World Report, Silver Medal, America’s Best High Schools. BTW, if you EVER get the chance to attend Glendale HS Dance recital, go. Those kids are crazy talanted and it’s better than an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.


Glendale Canyons Housing Facts

If you love homes and neighborhoods designed with today’s lifestyle in mind, the Canyons should be your first stop. The only planned developments of any appreciable size are in the Chevy Chase Canyon.

However, some of the most interesting and significant homes in Glendale are also located in the Canyons!